Thursday, July 31, 2014

Excellent Family Accommodation in Singapore

We have just returned from a trip to Singapore, we booked flights months ago during an airfare sale and started hearing from everyone almost instantly about how pricey Singapore was to find family accommodation. All of a sudden the cheap airfares didn't seem so cheap.

Then I headed to Airbnb and this apartment came up in my search. BINGO.

family accommodation singapore

I snapped it up instantly and crossed my fingers in hope that we would be happy when we got there.

The owner of this apartment is Eunice and accommodation suppliers around the world could learn a lot from the level of service that Eunice offers.

Firstly, the apartment was perfectly clean and was exactly what the photos indicated.

We arrived in the evening from our flight (from Australia) and Eunice had a very generous amount of food available for us, she also provided suggestions of where we might like to go for a quick and easy local meal.

The beds were set up for the children, with special treats, books and toys plus new pool toys which we used a lot (we even managed to pop one on the first day, opps).

The apartment complex is big and has all the features of a big luxury ex pat condo. The pools are fabulous, they are clean and the perfect temperature. The parks are good for little kids. We used the tennis courts (booked before our arrival by Eunice) and the games room when the weather got rainy.

As a family travelling to Singapore you are likely to want to head to Sentosa, and the bus is right out the front of the condo! It's also only $2 a person, just pay as you get on the bus, the same bus is free on the way home. The train station is also close by, but we found the ease and the low prices of taxi's a preference.

We even swam a lot at night, with all the pools and spa to ourselves!

Eunice is a world traveller and has found many things in her travels that she has placed in this apartment. Furniture is often multi purpose. A sofa becomes a bunk bed, a rolling kitchen bench hides electric hot plates, there are two garden walls - self watering of course, mirrored walls hide the fridge and pantry. There are walls full of toiletries, lotions and potions, it's a little like being in a department store counter with lots of handcream to try should you wish to.

These features all make for a very unique space. Eunice is not offering a standard hotel space, nor a standard house. This accommodation space is organised differently to how you might find in Australia. Rooms are open, the plan is to bring people together in their lives, not to provide separate rooms where people are away from each other.  We liked this concept. We liked the quirky nature of the apartment space. The bathroom vanities are not actually in the bathroom, but this means you brush your teeth with an awesome view of the surrounding area, including the cable car.

If you are looking for a hotel room that is similar to others around the world with a standard bed and a standard bathroom, then go and book one, this apartment will not be for you (and good luck getting something anywhere near the cost of this apartment). But if you are keen to stay in an apartment where your family will have a bit of extra space yet still be close, if you are after decent pools to swim in and convenience to local attractions you should consider this option. If you like attention to detail, consider this apartment. If you want someone who really wants you to enjoy your stay, not only in their apartment but for your entire Singapore travels, than you won't find better than Eunice as a host.

You can find Eunice on Airbnb under Iconic Apartment Singapore. If you have any questions or if you have another great Airbnb find, let me know, I am keen to start visiting a few more!

This is not a sponsored post in anyway. 
I searched for family accommodation in hotels in Singapore and couldn't find anything we liked, or anything that was within our preferred budget. I found this apartment on my own, and we covered all costs during our stay.


  1. How cool is that? I will have to bookmark this post for the future. Sounds like you all had a wonderful experience.

  2. I only recently found out about airbnb, and I will be using them again for sure.
    The apartment looks fantastic, I wouldn't be disappointed either.

  3. I would LOVE to take the kids to Singapore, even just to go to Sentosa! I have been there before kids and it's a lovely place to visit. I'll have to get cheap flights and then just wing the accommodation. And not tell the hubby who might be inclined to freak out if I tell him I have flights but no where to stay!

  4. Wow! Looks like a great family holiday! We were just talking about airbnb the other day - we're planning a (far off) trip to NY as our next grand adventure and thought it might be an option that would suit our family and budget. How much fun does that bunk bed look?! I'm glad you had a great time and hope you'll review any other airbnb You stay in! Great read - thanks!

  5. What a great find! Hope you had a great holiday!

  6. We went ot Singapore a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I would love to go back but the price of the accommodation holds me back - this could be the answer.

  7. Man you guys scored! What an awesome place! xx

  8. What a great apartment. I love Singapore, will definitely bookmark this when we go there next. We haven't been with the girls as yet x


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