Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 13 of My Family and Me

We have hit the three month mark so it's a good time to take a breath and see where we are at with my challenge.

As the year began I noticed that both Mr H and I were in too few photos on both of our phones. If we were to print up the last 7 years of our lives into a photo album it would be like we didn't exist. The challenge to ourselves was to get more images every week, mainly one. Just one image per week that included one of us, or both, with the kids. 

No rules at all, just an image that reflects we are THERE! 

We started off pretty well.

Then got more creative. There were exciting times happening, a first day of school, holidays, a new cafe opened near us and Mr H ate a breakfast bigger than his entire torso.

Some images didn't make it on to the blog, but they still make it into our albums.

Look carefully at the shop mannequin in the middle.

I like to call this following image Clairey's Cowch, it is just as comfy as it looks. Usually we wouldn't have bothered to get this image, it was only that I was thinking I needed one for my challenge that made Mr H take it.

This week I am throwing in a picture of the girls with their Granny, and I am also going to make a bigger effort to get some more images with all of their grandparents. Do your kids have many photos with their grandparents? 

Grandma did some baking with the girls this week, it's her thing, she isn't into playing games or toys, she cooks, it seemed like a bit of fun, and best of all, there are smiles all round. 

I am adding the linky in again - sorry I have been a bit slack putting it in, if you haven't joined in yet, maybe you can try for a photo just once a quarter with your family - that would be four photos a year. This week is a great time to start.


  1. Hey lovely, I love your pictures. Love the baking with grandma one!

  2. It is such a lovely challenge and I really need to get in front of the camera instead of behind the lens. I love your snaps too.

  3. Lovely photos - thank you for sharing x

  4. Beautiful photos, I was just thinking this morning, that I haven't taken photos of the boys with their grandparents in such a long time - better start throwing the camera in my handbag again xx

  5. Such a sweet idea, I can almost hear the giggles of your children, it looks like you have a very happy and fun family! Go Granny, she looks so much fun!

  6. My son needs a family photo for school by monday. We have no recent ones at all! I need to get one done this weekend, then maybe I can link up :)


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