Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 12: Cubby demolition

We had a cubby in the back yard, it was what every kid needs and wants, a place to hang out and do whatever they wanted to do.

Which means in the last two years it has hardly been used.

There were a few times when the girls headed in there with their friends but most days they played around it, not in it.

They were warned that if it wasn't used, it would go.

So down it came.

They instantly decided to use it as a stage and wanted to use it for concerts. Ideally they wanted to keep the base for good.

But we had better plans.

The space has been taken back and we are preparing it for some veggie growing this winter.

We finished the weekend with the weekly task of brushing Immy's hair until there were no knots. This is not much fun for anyone, we are yet to find a conditioner or detangler that helps, but the brushing must be done, at least once a week.

And that is #MyFamilyandMe for this week.


  1. A veggie garden will be a perfect use of the space. I'm only growing basil at the moment but cherry tomatoes and capsicum are my next project!

  2. We built our cubby with a view to the future demolition..... the walls will be removed and it will become an outside grown up sitting space with views to the dam. Ours is used occasionally. In spurts.

    1. This one was here when we moved in Alli, but it has come apart perfectly and will be re built at Granny's house so that all the Grandkids can play in it - time will tell if the pink remains.

  3. I'd love a cubby to escape too :)
    Here is my link -

  4. My daughter has very curly hair and hates having it brushed. A friend of mine who works in the beauty industry told me to stop shampooing it and just condition it once a week. We usually brush it after a condition and shower and the knots stay away for a day if we're lucky.

  5. The kids will get more out of the veggie patch. Have you decided what you are going to plant?

    Try the no poo method on the girls. I use that to clean my hair and and helps with the knots.

    1. I am going to give this a try - it can't be any worse than what it is now. She even hates ballet right now as you need to have a bun and the pre ballet trauma is too much!

      Scanning the Diggers book to see what we might plant, onions are a certainty, carrots maybe, beans up the fence...


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