Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 11: Fresh Air

Our weekend was filled with fresh air.

There was Sunday Roast and moments of gardening.

I challenged Popps to a sprint race to show her how fast I was. My legs have reminded me that there are muscles in them which need more use.

Mr H needed to smooth out some ground and in the absence of heavy equipment to do it for us, he put together a makeshift tool.

It required a bit of extra weight to make it really work properly.

It was filthy dirty work and really really fun.

Maybe not for Mr H who had to do all the dragging.

It was even better when there was extra weight.

Then it came to a sudden end when the Draught Horse Mr H ran out of puff.

Then, for the first time in a really long time,  it rained and everyone was clean again.

This is Week 11 in my personal challenge for the year of getting more photos of us with the kids. 

If you are joining in, add a link in the comments or use the hashtag #MyfamilyandMe


  1. Love the new tool. And I really love the rainy girls pics. Mine did the same. Looks as though you had a great weekend

  2. Finally, here is my link!
    I love your makeshift tool and also your gorgeous girls in rain.

  3. Awesome tool invention, as long as it worked.
    And wasn't the rain just wonderful. We need more of it.

    1. Another weekend of rain would be lovely (though I do love the heat!)

  4. Looks like a fab day for everyone, this is something my hubby would do with our kids... love special dads, our kids will have such fond memories of them as they grow!

    1. Yes they sure will. It's the teeny tiny moments that will be the lifetime of memories.


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