Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 7: Too busy Living

Did you think I forgot my challenge? Were you clicking back here all day yesterday to see if I had the My Family and Me link up working yet?

No. You were too busy living too.


Well, just to be sure, I want you to know that all is still under control. But we have been flat out with living lately. Parties to attend, movies to see, best friends to catch up with. There have been lunches (plenty of lunches) and work and school parent meetings and greetings with new parents. Plus hip hop classes and swimming and ballet and jazz and tap.

I have been pruning the garden and watering. Lots of watering. I have a fern that I am hoping to bring back from the dead. It needs something, I am not sure what, but I figure water will be the best place to start.

Our autumn fruiting raspberry is starting to fruit, but it's first in, best eaten here as we all fight the birds to be the ones to eat the berries right from the bush.

Sometimes life and blogging don't mix, simply because life to too good to sit down and stop for. That, and that the TV has been good lately. Really good. I wish the INXS show went longer. Loved it. And while reality TV shows are not usually my thing, So You Think You Can Dance is fast becoming a must watch here, and while I would like to tell you it is because Popps loves everything dance and wants to watch it, I have to admit I really enjoy watching great dancers. Such a skill. Totally jealous of the way they can all move.

Here's my little gang. Just before they popped into the movies to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. They loved it. I went for a cuppa with a friend then we all met up for a Pancake Parlour nursery tea.

The linky is back. Join in here or on instagram if you want to.


  1. I have my kids portraits done this week, but little man went to bed last night before I remembered to get our family shot hoping to upload tonight.
    It will be another fuzzy selfie, but that is how we roll it seems because I forget to ask people to take a photo for us.
    I just love your cute family. Your youngest daughter is a mini Claire!
    And you are right...too busy living at the moment. xo

  2. Too busy living in the moment is actually a bloody good way to be in my opinion and pancakes over blogging ANY day ;) xx

  3. I think living the fullest life you can off the blog is the key to having experiences to later blog about.....well I hope so anyway!


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