Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 6: Slipping

The sixth week of the year continues to be one where Victoria is on fire. The State is burning, temperatures are high and everyone is on alert, checking weather reports, fire apps and smoke in the sky.

Our week was pretty normal, I did the school run, I went to work, I taxied people to ballet and hip hop, to swimming lessons and milk bars.

There were many times that I could have organised a photo of me with my family. But I didn't.

I slipped back into old ways. I kept thinking that I would grab a photo when we did something worth taking a photo of, but that moment just never arrived.

I could have got off my butt when I was taking the lazy grown ups way and sitting on a deck chair while we played elastics.

Or I could have made an effort when we did what we rarely do and went out to a cafe for breakfast. A spot new to us that included a craft corner for the kids, you pay $5 per child and they are entertained for you.


Mr H and I not only chatted without interruption but he ate most of his big breakfast and read the paper. No need to find places to go out for dinner and get baby sitters!

Immy is not really all that keen on this school caper. She seems to think its been blown up as something great but it really isn't. There are too many rules and not enough play times and it goes for too many days and her best friend isn't there. I decided a post school special treat was in order so we headed to a new cafe for milkshakes. I could have asked someone to take a photo of us, but I didn't think of it. You can see me chilling out if you look, but it's not really a photo for an album.

Today the girls and I are hiding from the heat with a My Little Pony movieathon and an epic Minecraft session which was the perfect chance for us snuggle up and take a selfie, and that gives me this weeks #Myfamilyandme image. It's a great image to show off that Popps lost three teeth in six days and now has four teeth missing!

Next week I am hoping to do better, play along if you can.


  1. You still managed to snap a cute shot in the end though!

    And, just quietly, I think Immy is onto something... shhhh... x

  2. Where's the cafe Claire? It sounds very appealing!

  3. I can't see the Linky Link thing this week.
    But I managed a family shot this week, another selfie though.

    1. Hi Sam, I wasn't sure of the interest in the linky - I can certainly include it each week, I just didn't want to add it if there wasn't much interest...I will put it back in next week!

  4. I really need to get in the picture... you are sort of kind of inspiring me to maybe perhaps sometime maybe try.


    That breakfast looks enormous!

  5. I managed a family shot while we were away on holidays the last two weeks. I must say I have to keep photo taking in the fore front of my mind most of the time or it doesn't get done! Some weeks it is just hard, but I still think something is better than nothing. I like your selfie shot, it's cute! I'm happy to keep linking up too. Hope you have a great week and Immy finds her school groove!

  6. I love the shot of you three girls! When I look back on photos from my childhood most of them are generally of special occasions, especially ones involving there whole fami (which was what the done thing was back then) but it would have been nice to see a real casual shot of my parents and I just chilling out on the couch...I think there's something to said for the "selfie" really :-) Mel x


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