Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5: My Family and Me.

Five weeks into my family and me and this is still an easy challenge - even when my phone is still in la la land.

It was an easy choice this week. With Immy starting school for the first time we took so many photos that she asked if we could "Please just go to school".

We tested out the self timer on an app and managed to get a photo of all of us.

There were no tears from Immy (or me) and the the first morning went off without a hitch. I was a bit lost with what to do with myself for Thursday and Friday but next week I am back at work so the days will soon be overflowing with to do lists.

I hope all those having a return to school, kinder, creche or work had a tear free kick off!

And now the linky for those playing along this week:


  1. how was her first day?
    Miles anxious which is understandable, but he had a good day overall.

    1. That is great Matilda! I was the anxious one here. It went ok, but she is not that keen to keep going FOREVER and was a bit annoyed that they don't go out and play all day!

  2. I can't link up this week Claire :( I missed taking our family shot. Little miss took a couple of school shots alone and that was it, no more after that.
    You have such a beautiful family. xo


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