Friday, December 11, 2015

Things about Santa you may not know.

Many of you know that I love reading and I also love history. This is why I have always loved finding out about Santa and how he manages to do so many things.

In a time when Hollywood movies try and tell us stories about Santa that are not really true, it can be tricky to understand how all the magic works. But once you have a look at the full picture, it can start to make sense.

1) Santa doesn't go all over the world in one night. 

Of course Santa and the sleigh can't make it around to every house in every country in just one night.

In Belgium, parts of the Netherlands and some areas of France, Santa (or Sinterklaas as they call him) arrives on December 5, leaving presents for December 6th. That's when he kicks off the gift giving for the year.

Then we have the time differences around the world, so Santa has two nights - one in the Southern and one in the Northern Hemisphere. This takes substantial pressure off the reindeer.

Plus there are many countries that Santa doesn't go, including much of Africa.

2) Does Santa really give presents to every kid? 

Certainly not.

There are millions of kids who do not receive gifts.

Santa delivers gifts to children who have Christian beliefs and customs. Every religion and culture has their own special days for gifts and special treats, if you get gifts from Santa, you are unlikely to get them when some of your friends who might be Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim receive them.

Santa also only gives gifts to children, not teenagers or grown ups, so once you turn 13 the presents stop arriving, this is because the elves can only make a certain number of toys each year.

Santa only gives gifts to people who believe in Christmas and Santa. He saves the best and biggest presents for the kids he thinks deserve them.

3) What is Santa's phone number?

When you have a baby, the midwife makes you fill in lots of forms that go to the government and organises the birth certificate. She also gives out a piece of paper with Santa's number on it. This year, Santa also has a new app where parents can just leave a message. This is used to help Santa with his naughty and nice list. It is illegal to tell your children Santa's number and if a child calls Santa, they are instantly on the no-presents list.

4) Is Elf on the Shelf watching me all the time?

No. You are not being watched by some crazy elf that has scary eyes. The Elf is a new invention. It's been invented for people who just want to celebrate Christmas every single day for December, but the Elf is just for fun. He is not watching your every move and you should relax, get back to playing without feeling like the FBI is in the ceiling. The Elf is fun, but elves can not do anything to people and they can't talk to Santa.

5) Is it the real Santa at the shopping centre?

Maybe. Maybe Not. The thing is, you will never know. The real Santa will never reveal himself. He might even make you think he is NOT the real Santa. Because if he told you, every single kid in the whole world would start wanting to sit on his knee. He would never get back to the North Pole to get all his work done and he would need a knee replacement, and that's pretty expensive to get.

It's still hard to know, but some historians believe that the real Santa makes himself look like a normal man wearing dress ups, but we just can never be sure, you should constantly be keeping a look out.

6) Have I ever seen Santa? 

No, but a friend sent me this photo a couple of years ago, she snapped it with her phone in the car. She says it was the best day of her life.

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  1. Love the photo of the reindeer! Excellent responses every parent should use as a resource, Clairey.


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