Thursday, December 10, 2015

November finished and here's the list.

Yep, it's late. Ten days past November late, but this is how November 2015 rolled inside my head.

Getting: Selfies with our dog Peppa the Perfect Pooch.

Making: Lists, for who has been naughty and nice. And how many prawns I need for Christmas eve as I am in charge of the seafood meal that will kick off Christmas. The kids all want flathead tails, I want smoked salmon and oysters, others want prawns. So that's what we are getting!

Cooking: As little as possible 

Drinking : a few bevvies at functions, like at the Ball.

Reading:  I am currently reading Useful by Debra Oswald, I am still undecided on this one, but it’s early days, I will finish it, but I am not sure it's one to recommend just yet.

Wanting: Too much. Shoes and handbags are top of the list, but that's a pretty materialistic want.

Looking: at all the lights and decorations going up in the suburbs and loving it.

Playing:  Christmas carols by Ella Fitzgerald.

Deciding: Whether this year I could listen to Tim Minchen sing 'Drinking White Wine in the Sun' without crying like someone who has been stabbed. The answer is highly likely a no.

Wishing: That people would start walking the streets, screaming from the roof tops and going ape shit about the number of children killed in our society. Just two in Victoria in recent months are Nikki and Zoe. But we all moved on. We switched the station, flicked to a funny video on facebook or became outraged about something like school uniforms.

Nikki was 2 and found dead in the roof of her home. 
Zoe was 11 and sexually abused before being murdered in her home. 

They won't be the last this year. 
Wondering: If there is a single female that can seriously say they don’t relate to this blog post at least at one point in their lives. Most women I know would likely be nodding at so many of them, and somewhere it became our normal.

Loving: That my Mum has taken her first trip since my Dad died. Flying solo and then meeting people to hit the water and go cruising with. It’s a big deal. I am loving that she is taking this trip.

Pondering: How we will spend the summer, how we will squeeze in as many family getaways and days as we can.

Considering: The best thing to do with all the artwork, school work, and papers that arrive home from school right now.

Buying: stuff for everyone else.

Watching: Call the Midwife. Loved it three years ago and decided to watch it again, I have not been disappointed, quality shows are such a joy. It’s on Netflix if you are keen to watch it.

Hoping: The air conditioning in our car will actually work for the whole summer – HONDA, I love your cars, but you guys really really need to sort out the air conditioning issues in your cars. This is the 5th time our CRV Air con has gone kaput. I now know what it was like to travel in the 70s.

Cringing: at the number of people I know with fake Christmas trees. Sorry. Never seen one worth paying for.

Questioning: the fact that Australians will spend more this Christmas on treats for their animals then they will give to those in need. 

Smelling: Our rose garden, which is filled with the best smelling roses in all the lands.

Wearing: Exactly the same as last month, and anything else that still fits.

Noticing: the speed that my herbs grow in the garden when they actually get watered.

Knowing: Two months of summer holidays is going to be great.

Thinking: that Harry Potter will be the book series that last many generations and that every kids needs a time turner.

Admiring: The feminists. The ones that say and do all the things I wish did and said. Those who put up with all that awful stuff but still keep on keeping on for the good of the world. For the future of my girls.

Disliking: Fear mongering racists. 

Feeling: Organised

Snacking: on salted caramel chocolate covered popcorn.

Hearing: The songs from pitch perfect sung to me very often from two small girls.

Needing: Very little. But some decent speakers to hear all these tunes would be ace.

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