Monday, December 14, 2015

Letter to the World from Immy - Age 7 Edition

Hello world.

I really wasn’t sure if I would be here again this year writing on Mums blog. After all, she doesn’t ‘work’ here like she once did. But now that it’s a thing, I might just have to write here every year for the rest of my life.

Today I am seven.  It’s my sixth year blogging here and now I am pretty good at writing. It’s my very favourite subject at school, that and independent reading time.  I really like to write stories and read stories. I’ve been learning a lot about transactional writing, non fiction writing, persuasive writing and really, I like them all.

Being six has been mostly awesome. I went to a new school, nearly vomited over everyone the first day because I was so nervous, but after the first ten minutes it was fine. It was tricky when I had to learn Mandarin, because everyone else did it in Prep and I had to catch up, but I am now getting the hang of it, Mum is really really bad at reading Mandarin, I'll be teaching her.

My dog Peppa is still probably the best dog in the world, but I really really really, more than anything in the whole world, more than all the lollies in a shop, so much just want a puppy.  My first choice is a golden retriever, but I’d take any puppy. ANY PUPPY (do you hear me PARENTS).

Speaking of lollies, my love for them just grows. They are the best. I hide them in my room, I sneak them from the pantry, I would eat them every day if I could. Lollies and lasagna is all I really need. All other food is disgusting. I tell Mum and Dad this every single night and every single night they say “just eat five spoonfuls’. The things they make me eat. It’s just disgusting.

Do you hate how some clothes feel when you wear them? I do.

I hate woolly things, especially school uniform jumpers. I hate tags on my clothes, I hate t-shirts with things sewn on them.  I hate jumpers that are hard to take off over your head, I hate hats that flop in your eyes and shoes that are not super comfortable. I will not wear thongs or sandals or boots or dress shoes. I will wear sneakers. Preferably the ones my sister used to wear because they are already worn in and comfortable. I don’t care if they are scuffed and Yes I DO think they match everything. 

The other thing I love is a good towel. We are kind of lacking in decent towels in this house and being the youngest I seem to get the rough hard ones that are also the smallest. What I want is a giant fluffy towel, preferably warmed by the heater and then delivered to me at the exact moment the shower is turned off. So far, this is a rare occurrence.

I’ve been super well this year (not like last year with all that whopping cough and stuff) but it wasn’t good when mum had all the stitches from the big lump the doctor took out. I wasn’t allowed to give her cuddles for a really long time, it was like 4 days maybe even more.

I am still thinking I will be a paediatric vet when I grow up.

My favourite movie is The Secret Garden. I borrowed it from the library and it had a scratch on it so I couldn’t watch it all, but I borrowed it every single week for the whole term until Mum told me to write a note to the library teacher and tell her that it was busted. My library teacher said thank you for the note.

That’s kind of it for being six. 

Six was good. Six was fun and funny and I grew so much that I went through three sizes of clothes and Mum says 47 sizes in shoes. My hair is nearly at my bum and I refuse to have it cut. EVER. No, not even a trim.

Seven is going to be ace.  It would be good if I get a fluffy towel and ALL the Beanie Boos in the world.

Catch ya later,

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