Friday, September 11, 2015

Things to do in the Victorian School Holidays

It's time again, School Holidays! 

There is so much stuff to do, it's had to only pick a few so here are eight things for you and your kids to check out in Victoria during the September holidays. 

1) Tiny Giants at Imax Cinema. 

The big, SUPER, big screen is just so much better than any tv you have at home and the movie Tiny Giants is only going to be available to watch on the IMAX screen these school holidays. This movie is also going to be using the new IMAX 4K LASER DIGITALI don't really know what that means, but apparently it's a pretty big deal and the screen is going to be unlike any I have seen before.

2) See a Show - Lord of the Dance


Remember the foot stomping that was Lord of the Dance? I never saw it when they were first here, but I am not missing out on their next visit to Melbourne. I am taking the kids to experience it too, well there is no way they want to miss the dancing, the acrobatics, the drama and excitement that this show looks like it's going to be. 

But you can go too, because I have some tickets for you to win. 

I have TWO Double passes to give away, valued at $179.80 each.

Tickets are for the show at the ARTS CENTRE, State Theatre on TUESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2015 at 7pm.

To enter leave a comment on facebook, or this blog post, telling me the name of your favourite concert you have ever been to. 

3) The Hawthorn Arts Centre (Town Hall)

The Hawthorn Arts Centre has a range of fun things that are fun for the kids to do a class in. There is a great range of things for kids of school age, which can be hard to find. From Cheerleading and Hip Hop classes, to circus. But my favourite is the class on creating a clay object and then bringing it to life with a small animated film. The age range for this one is 8 - 12, so I am not sure I can sneak into that one, but it could be the best $20 you spend on activities these holidays. 

Go check out all the other options on the Hawthorn Arts Centre Website.

4) Go and walk the 1000 Steps

Drive to the the Dandenongs and take the time to do the 1000 steps. 

A tribute to those who fought in WWII, the 1000 steps is a reminder of what the Kokoda trail might have been like. Except there isn't any danger, it's gorgeous, it's good for you, your body will thank you for the fresh air, for using your muscles, for feeding your mind with history. 

The 1000 steps were re-opened a couple of months ago after a big renovation. You don't have to be super fit to do this walk, take the kids and give it a go. Yes, there is a cafe too.

5. 100 Story Holiday

I love this idea! If your kids enjoy story telling and writing they will love these workshops. With a different theme each day of the week you can pick the one they like best, from Comics to Choose Your Own Adventure.  It's for the bigger kids, aged 7-12 and is $45 a session, but the funds go back in to 100 Story Building, an organisation that assists kids in the community who are struggling with literacy. 

For all the details.

6) Let the kids get crafty - 3D Adventure Scene in a Jar

This is a post from over at Be A Fun Mum. It doesn't need supervision, or hot glue guns or sparkly fabric. I think my girls will enjoy a few hours doing this one. Click over to the blog post for all the details: 

7)  Royal Melbourne Show. 

It's heaven for kids. Can be hell for parents, but hey, that's why you had kids isn't it - to be able to spend all your cash on watching them smile at the joy of a ride, or laugh at the knowing feeling of having to only pick one (maybe two) showbags from the gazillions that are there. The show also has all the animals and fireworks and crafts and foods and just so so so much stuff to check out. 

My tip - wear comfortable shoes, pack a brolly in your handbag, and get the train. Plan a rest day following.

There are too many great things to list, check them all out here.

8) Even More Ideas

Lot's of the ideas in the July post are still relevant - the Chocolate Factory is apparently tops, if you go, I'd love some of the peppermint chocolate please.

Don't forget to leave a comment if you would like to see the dance spectacular Lord of the Dance, either here of facebook is totally fine.

If you know of any other great things happening these holidays, feel free to include them in the comments too.


  1. Wow! Great ideas... Over the years I have been to some awesome concerts. Now I am not talking about all those wiggles concert the kids made me attend, I am thinking all those bands I have seen. Way to many to mention, but my stand outs are Robbie Williams, Cold Play, Blur, Pearl Jam, Duran Duran, Nick Cave and my absolute favourite Muse.

  2. The best concert I've ever been to would be Pink. I loved every minute of it!
    The 1000 steps looks like something I'd love to do, thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  3. Mister Farnham. (Too many times to count) The consummate showman!


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