Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to help when you don't know how to help. #6Letters

Sometimes when there are people you know who are having a shit time it can be really hard to know what to do to help.

There are the little things such as taking a meal or food, providing funds if you can or if they are needed, helping around the house and just being a good person and friend.

There is also the option of just sending a little card in the mail. A note that says nothing more then "I am thinking of you, and I hope things get better for you soon."

Often we get stuck trying to work out what to write in those cards. Well I do. I can get really caught up in how important my words need to be. It's as though my words will be the make or break point of a day. I can feel as though the right words, cleverly crafted into something inspiring and hopeful will be the cure required. Well, the truth is, my words are not a magical cure to a shit situation.

Instead, my words can fill a  very brief moment. They can be a simple reminder that my friend is not alone, even though they may feel that way. A card with your simple words can be a break in a hectic day. A break that was badly needed and might not have otherwise occurred.

I love to send cards and letters to people and also love to receive them, and if the card has arrived for no real reason, then it is even betterer and gooder then anything.

Thinking about this is a  reminder to me that it has been AGES since I did my #6letters. A project I used to share with you about sending a letter a week for six weeks, or 6 letters out in a week, or  2 letters for 3 weeks...whatever you want to do. There are no real rules, it's just a little challenge to send six handwritten notes in the mail.

Handwritten things are extra special because the receiver knows how much extra effort you have made. You have organised a card and a stamp and gone to a post box and considered your words. You have really had that person in your thoughts for more then a 'virtual hug'* on facebook.

There is nothing bad about a handwritten card.

I am going to be sending out six in the next few weeks.

If you'd like to consider doing the same, here are my top three tips.

1) Buy al the cards, or note paper, or use the pack of your kids artwork and have it ready to go.
2) Buy all the stamps at one time.
3) Don't overthink what you are going to write, it doesn't have to be an essay.

Go write, scribble, draw, doodle and send it in the post.


  1. hand writen cards are so awesome but sadly people tend to choose emails today. I love nothing more than sending or receiving a hand written nots in the mail xx


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