Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Tiny Giants at IMAX

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We started the school holidays by taking off to see the film Tiny Giants

It was the first time that we have been to IMAX with the kids and years since I went to IMAX myself. To be honest I wasn't sure how the girls would like it. My concerns were about Tiny Giants being more documentary than Disney. 

As soon as the preview started for another movie I was lost in the magic of the new screen. 

Firstly it's enormous. 32 metres wide enormous.

When I chose our seats the ticket seller suggested we go towards the back as the screen is so big you don't want to be too close to the front. He was right. We were five rows from the back and they were great seats. 

The new screen is the only one of it's type in the Southern Hemisphere and it's the best type of laser screen available in the world. Tiny Giants is the first movie being played on this new screen. 

But is the movie worth it? 

Narrated by Stephen Fry, it's a 45 minute show of the lives of two little creatures. A chipmunk and a mouse. It's told in such a way that at one point I jumped out of my seat I got such a fright. There is suspense, and you just don't know if these cute and cuddly little things will survive against the huge forces of nature. For really young viewers who don't like anything with a scary factor, this might be too much for them. But Immy is 6 years old and though she was hiding low in her seat at moments she still really enjoyed it. 

If anything, this finishes way too quickly. There was a family beside us whose children loudly proclaimed "I want more" as the credits rolled. The 3D aspect is brilliant and really makes you feel lost in the movie. 

In the past we have tried to get the kids to a movie each holidays, I'll be adding the IMAX experience into the mix on a more regular basis from now on and just like this week, finish it off with a play at the great park right beside it before walking to Lygon Street for an ice cream. 

Check the Trailer if you want to see more, or just pack the water bottle and go see it tomorrow.

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  1. I sat near the front when I went with the kids on an excursion, suprisingly it was still ok.


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