Thursday, August 20, 2015

Excursion Tales

Last week I did something for the first time.

I was the parent helper on a school excursion with around 80 or so six year olds. We were headed to one of Melbourne's most delightful buildings which contains the Immigration Museum. I really love that place, but I am only ever there for events. Cocktail partys, talks and now with the six year olds. I have once again promised myself to go back there and actually read all the fascinating exhibits.

That photo above is not mine, because a responsible parent obeys the rules and does not use their phone when they in charge of six year olds - those kids can disappear faster than an iphone swipe!

When you go with a school, the kids sit in a room where they are told more about immigration and a case study about a couple from Vietnam. It was here that Immy was desperate to join in with the other kids and answer a question.

"Put your hand up, if one of your parents was born in another country" asked the instructor.

Little hands shot up everywhere, stretched as high as they could be, fingers wiggling.

We soon got reminders that Sydney and Adelaide were actually still in Australia, so those kids should put their hands down.

But Immy was still sitting there arm up, back straight, with her best, pick me, pick me face on.

"And you" she points at Immy. "In which country were your parents born?"

To which she answers. "My Dad, he was born in Benalla".

And guess what, it might actually be in Australia, but no one else had a parent with that claim to fame.

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  1. Love it Claire!
    Preps and Grade 1 kids crack me up with their answers to teachers questions.
    Amelia's class had a few amusing responses to the priest when learning about the holy trinity.


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