Monday, August 3, 2015

Don't share your poo germs around

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I read too many parenting posts, I actually try not to because so many of them just annoy me, which was kind of the inspiration I had for the the 'You're a crap parent' post last week.

One of the things I didn't mention in that post was when people go on about how dirt is good for your kids, let them get grubby, don't ruin their immune systems by not letting them play, be at one with slugs and snails and nature. Just get them into nature, it won't hurt them... 

I actually don't know too many kids that don't get grubby. Isn't that why we are stuck in the laundry washing clothes so much? Kids have their hands in everything. The dirt, the monkey bars, their food, their hair, sand pits, chewing gum on the footpath. Kids are constantly playing with grime and hardly ever complain about being outside even when it's freezing. It's fantastic. They should keep doing that, and I doubt you could stop them, kids and filth are peas and corn.

The thing that everyone needs to do more of is just wash their hands. PLEASE. Use some soap and wash your hands. Then wash the kids' hands too and get the germs off them. Chances are they have wiped their bums, picked their noses, used their hands to eat, god knows what other sorts of stuff and all everyone has to do is wash their hands more. 

Or use some alcohol rub if you are out and about. Change a nappy - clean your hands. 

Because dirt and grime are fine, but sharing your poo germs around are not. SO MANY BUGS are simply spread because people don't clean their hands properly.  It's even got a name - Fecal-Oral  or Orofecal! Your kid gets some poo germs on their hand, then they put their hands to their face or they touch something, then you touch that thing, then another kid touches it, then they bite their nails and BAM, the kid just swallowed poo germs. Vomitness. 

With so many people not washing their hands, I find a regular spray of disinfectant never hurt.

When we have any type of cold/flu/virus I harp on and on to everyone about more handwashing and I also get out my trusty disinfectant sprays too. Glen 20 is my spray of choice. Sometimes I feel like I need to spray it in my eyes to cleanse them of the things I read in the newspapers...of course if says on the tin NOT to spray in eyes, so I don't spray in eyes...instead, I use it on as many surfaces as I can and even clothes don't miss out. In winter when the whole class seems to be sick, a little extra Glen 20 spray on the girls blazers has not hurt them (I spray it in the laundry, not while they are wearing them, just in case you were wondering).

So go outside and play, let everyone get filthy, your dirt germs don't bother me, just use some soap in the bathroom and feel free to use a little disinfectant spray on your door handles. 


  1. I have often thought of getting some of this but haven't gone as far as getting it yet! Maybe this is the kick up the bottom I need!

    1. A little spray on toilet buttons and bathroom taps is a favourite of mine.

  2. I do not see dirt as germs. However, I do think not enough hand washing happens after the bathroom. Even during the day. Eg I work at a fabric store, not sure if people are aware of just how many chemicals there are one unwashed fabrics

    1. I did not even think of the chemicals on fabric - is that why we are told to wash clothes before we wear them. I do this, but never really know the reason why.


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