Friday, August 14, 2015

Do you ever get ideas of what would make a good business?

I get them about 720 times a day.

But I am not really the type of person who would start their own business. I'd like to think I am, but reality is I get so many ideas in a day I wouldn't be able to stay focussed on the one business. Well, I probably could, but it also takes a brave character, ready to deal with the business not succeeding, and I have to admit, I love my regular pay arriving in my bank.

It's all about the old risk reward ratio isn't. I first learnt about it at uni when I did my economics degree, but mainly we talked about risk reward when I worked at the Stock Exchange. You take a big risk, you should get a big reward, it might be monetary but it might also be flexibility, enjoyment and the hours you want.

If you think of 720 business ideas a day, nothing makes you more excited when someone you know starts up their own business. It's kind of like when friends announce having a baby, I just feel so excited for them and everything the future will bring them. It's not all going to be champagne and meredith cheese on crackers, but there are going to be some marvellous days ahead.

I have some friends who say that they would love a business but they just can't think of an idea for one. But, they are everywhere, I bet you have them all the time too.

A couple of years ago I hosted some market research at my house and one of the ladies attending said, why do paper towels have to come in a roll, why can't they be in a box like tissues. Guess what the brand (and it's a big brand) now has available?

This week, after my LumpyBeGone surgery I have been bra shopping for bras that are suitable for people who have had chest surgery. Went to Myer, the most unhelpful woman in the history of shopping, said "There is one post surgery bra, it's here" then she walked off. It was of course the most ugly thing you have ever seen. I went to another shop, lovely 22 year old shop assistant said sorry, there is only one option unless you have larger breasts, the second option is for larger breasts only. Really?? Let's be open, I am not exactly missing out in this department.  So if you can sew up a boulder holder that is wire free without an elastic band that is 2 inches wide, get sewing, there are patients out there in need of your garments.

I also thought maybe I could buy an Australia Post office business and actually provide really good service and see how that worked. I have a nasty mark where I had to bite my tongue while watching the way a woman (the owner of the business) so rudely spoke to a very very elderly man who got his PIN wrong a few times. He was getting stressed and apologising and she was using her cranky voice, saying, 'I have customers waiting, you know it or not?'  I was the next customer and I walked very very slowly to her counter, a little steam billowing from my ears. I really don't like it when morons are rude to people like that. I also hate that post office and it's pathetic lack of service, but I have to go there because there is no other post office.

I also want someone to start a business where they are like a travelling salesman, but instead of wanting me to change my power company, they ring the doorbell, and say "I am a window washer, for $100 I will wash all of your windows right now". I will say YES every time they knock.

You see the trick is always about finding something that people don't want to do and being the person who does it for them.

I would like to see a blow wave bar on every street corner. Oh, to be able to whip in and 20 minutes later just have my hair done, I can't make an appointment like the old days, I am not that organised, I just want to walk in and voila, good hair day!

There should also be a Mum who does school lunches, not like the canteen, but you text her and say, "Can I please have two school lunch boxes tomorrow, slip some cash in her paypal and the next day your kids get homemade school lunches, you don't even have to worry about play lunch snacks, it's all sorted.

I could go on and on.

Have you got any weird and wonderful business ideas that you might take on, or want someone else to take up?


  1. Check out Essential Luxuries For Cancer - she makes divine non-wired bras for women who are having or have had treatment for breast cancer. They're pretty AND functional :)

  2. I too get about 720 business ideas a day, wish I had the guts to give some of them a go! And then there's all those people you see making money off something so simple and you think 'why didn't I think of that?!'


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