Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Really, who does this?

I jumped in the lift to go home from work tonight and someone I didn't know walked in as the doors were closing. I couldn't be bothered with any lift conversations so I just looked straight down at my feet.

What the Fruitcake???

Who does this?

Who really wears two different shoes all day and does not realise.

I walked around like this all day and I didn't notice I had different shoes on.

No one said anything all day. They must have been pissing themselves laughing after I left.

Lucky I can laugh at myself.

I sent my sis a text sharing my humiliation, she sent me a reply that simply said.
"You have made my day."

A good laugh is good for your health, today, the laugh is on me.

You're Welcome


  1. I did it once, but I was at school. No one else noticed. They would have definitely said so loudly if they had. I only noticed during religion at about 2.30pm. So don't worry.

  2. We had a teacher do that once - 7 periods of about 30 teenage girls - she well and truly knew by the end of the day...

  3. still laughing oh claire bear !!

  4. I did that once when I was working in Tokyo, only mine was one brown shoe and one black shoe. I blame the very dark doorway of my flat. I noticed some time mid-morning. Needless to say I went shoe shopping in my lunch hour (in Ginza, ooh, how swanky) and I bought a pair of very, very red shoes.

  5. Claire - right now I love you even more than ever :) Thanks for sharing and making my night. That is so totally something I would do too.

  6. Claire, you're fabulous! But not to worry. There almost the same color and I bet hardly anyone noticed! Xx


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