Friday, January 18, 2013

The bucket list for before you write your bucket list

It is a little trendy, a bit fashionable even to discuss the things you would love to do, plan to do or want to tick off a list before you cark it.

People have lists of things to do before they turn thirty, or forty, or fifty.  Trips to take, things to see, people to meet. The whole idea is pretty self absorbed. The list is all about your life and gaining as much pleasure from it as you can. Fair enough, after all, that is what life is about, finding every bit of pleasure that we can.

However, there is another list that would be really worth ticking off before your bucket list ticks start taking place.

I might call it the Pre-Bucket List List.

1) Superannuation - Check yours out. How many accounts do you have? When I checked last year I had about six on the go, one of them had a whole $5.85 in it, not a big deal but still annoying for someone else to have to deal with at another time. Still enough for them to send me mail twice a year. Check your insurance - both death and total and permanant disability (TDP) is it enough for your partner to cope without you?

2) Passwords - All of them! Do you know how many you have? All those points in your frequent flyers or fly buys or loyalty cards, can someone access them? How about your facebook, your itunes, your paypal and your ebay (just in case you just won something and then die with excitement). How about your online banking passwords, maybe you even have a safe - but can anyone get into it? Maybe it is just the lock to your ipad or the sim card lock on your phone.

3) Shares - just because they are not worth much, or even if they are worth heaps but have been sitting around forever, someone needs to know they are there, they need your CHESS number too. It's not fun to go searching for things.

4) It goes without saying that you should have your Will done and up to date - have you had children since you last wrote your Will  - UPDATE IT NOW. I am always surprised to hear that so many people just haven't got around to doing their Will.

5) Titles - It might be just your house, it might be much more. Are the Titles of any Property you own with your solicitor or have you told your family where they are?

There are so many things that your family need to worry about after your death and lots of them just can't be helped, there are cars to be transferred, direct debits to be stopped or found, phone contracts, drivers licence, maybe centrelink, there will be bills a plenty in your name that will need actioning in some way. There will be a funeral to organise and pay for and solicitors to work with.

So before you go and live your life to the fullest, how many ticks are on your Pre-Bucket List List and what other things do you suggest we all get sorted?


  1. Yes there is quite a bit on that list I must attend to! Thanks for the reminder x

  2. This is so true. I need to check it all. Bank passwords especially.

  3. I love this pre-bucket list list. We need to update our will. Guilty! As for passwords, I really should do it. Drives my husband nuts that I'm the only one who can give anyone access to our wireless internet.

    Control freak much? No!

  4. Great list
    I wonder where to store all that information though...scares me that someone might find it!

  5. The bucket list before you write has been described by you. The information shared by you is not only useful but also informative


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