Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Out and About in Victoria: Mt Buffalo

I am a sucker for travel shows, brochures, postcards and images that show beautiful destinations. For me the ones that pull me in include sun, water and a slow pace. This can be tricky as Mr H prefers snow, the cold and action packed days.

But the other day we managed to squeeze everything in for all of us.

We started with a bush walk, which involved acting like a mountain goat and climbing up and down rocks to get into a pool at the bottom of a natural rock waterfall.

After the walk I was hot and sweaty and sat down on the hot rocks with my feet in the FREEZING icy water that used to be snow. This little frilled bum sat with me as she is also not keen on cold water. The water is so cold that it was wonderful to sit in the sun and be cooled off so quickly. Also there were not many other people around.

These two below are game for anything, they swam, jumped off boulders and had to lay like lizards on the rocks every few minutes to warm up, then they just jumped straight back in. The pure clear water was like a magnet that just pulled them in.

Can anyone else see a skull in the rock on the right in this photo or is it just me?

Just a few hours drive from Melbourne, a short walk and you have everything you need.

Today's Disclaimer: If you wear your thongs and have to carry a four year old over the rocks, please be careful, it's a more difficult walk down with only one thong - isn't it Mr H?


  1. That looks like perfection. I'm off to find out just where it is.

    As for the skull, yes! I se it.

    1. Thank goodness you see the skull - I was thinking I am thinking creepy thoughts.

  2. What a glorious spot. I too see the skull, fear not!

  3. I went to Mt Buffalo in April, it was lovely then too. Cold though. And yes, I can see the skull!

  4. The skull looks like the Phantom's lair!!

  5. A beautiful part of the world, that's for sure. I miss lazing about in the Buckland River, right at the foot of that magnificent mountain. Sigh. There's always next summer!


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