Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kids Party: Outsourced

Today Popps turned 7.

The party was planned a couple of months ago, it involved me going to the pool and paying a deposit.

I then got some invites off the shelf and hand wrote all of the details on all of them. I had to be pretty organised because if your child has a January party and you don't know any of the children in the class then you have no way of inviting the guests (learnt that the hard way).

This is also why we sent out the invites the same week everyone was sending out Christmas cards. Another tip  - write PARTY INVITATION on the envelope so the Mums know it isn't just more end of year crap artwork coming home in the bag.

We then had Christmas and three weeks holidays.

I outsourced some party cupcakes to add to the party food and did a dash to the supermarket for two dozen little bottles of juice.

Then we arrived at the venue.

Seems to be a toothless hillybilly look going on.

Fun was had, mess was made, food was served, cake was cut.

Instead of lolly bags I whipped up a little thank you note, tied on a lolly pop to a pool noodle and gave those out instead.

There was some extreme sports for seven year olds on offer.

The cake was served on a silver platter.

After a few extra hours of swimming with the kids who were free to stay longer we packed up the towels and went home.

The house was just as I had left it.

The birthday girl requested that Dad make pancakes for tea as he makes the best ones.


The outsourced pool party was a hit, she had a ball and I feel so relaxed.

Are you an outsourcer or an at home party planner?


  1. We don't have many outsource options unfortunately....... I've sent the older Little Miss to the movies with a friend (by themselves - so exciting) and we've had a "skiing party" for our August Little Miss (different world - all her besties ski and have season passes). Otherwise its at home. Food on the table, karaoke machine set up, dress up box open and that's how I run...... love the noodles idea

    1. I can remember the first time I went to the Movies all by myself - it was huge and still a very popular activity for kids parties. I also figure it will make it smaller as I can only fit so many kids in the car!

  2. Fantastic...big believer in the outsourced party...we have done the pool a few times...those cupcakes were super cute and great idea with the noodles xx

    1. Thanks Jen, I expect we will be doing the pool a few times too!

  3. Happy birthday Pops .we went to a 6th birthday in the free water park yesterday.
    Alas we have July birthdays and it is always cold or miserable.
    Mr 19 was the end of June too and we outsourced many of his birthdays ...skating , lasers one, bowling ...
    I love the pancake birthday idea.

  4. Outsourcererer extraordinaire, I am. I have had ONE party at home for one child since they started school. Ok, it's expensive BUT I gives you the tip, the damage to my psyche (not to mention the house) is much more than the cost of a party!

    I would like to stop with the kiddie parties all together, however the Bloke seems to think they're an ace idea (and seems to be able to be working every single time there's a kids party on. Go figure...)

    1. Hi Maude, I am with you on the cost of my calmness. I would love to say I can whip up a batch of cup cakes and throw on some candles moments before a hoard of kids arrive to play pin the tail on the donkey, but I can't I stress about the food for weeks, I am up late at night covered in 4 different icings and up early in the morning to start washing that same icing from all over the kitchen.

      The outsourced party is my newest "mummy's little helper".

  5. Looks like a great party! I haven't outsourced yet but I probably should. I'm always a wreck after parties!

    1. Oh Laney, depending on what you have been doing at home - even not having to make the cake was just such a relief for me. Do it!

  6. Claire, I love the outsourcing. I really do. But then I can't help it. I love to plan it all: the cakes, the food, the games, the decorations, the outfits (yes, essential to all parties!)

    Then the mess. Hate the mess. I might outsource and come home to a normal house this year. Sounds awfully good!



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