Friday, October 5, 2012

Winning Weekend: Dogs and Dark Spots.

This post is sponsored by Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

This is what I started with.
I have been lazing around in the sun doing pretty much, nothing all week. I might keep doing that for the weekend too so it is a great time for a Winning Weekend post.

A few weeks ago I was invited into the lovely offices at Garnier. I have been in there a few times now and every time we are entertained in what I think is the best staff kitchen area I have ever seen. I am yet to work at a place that actually lets the staff share great views of the area rather than just plonk the offices on that side of the building to only allow a few big wigs to get the best views.

But this time we got shuffled into a meeting room for the function. I soon realised why when a Dalmatian dog was sitting up on the couch, the room helped contain the doggy.

I am not an animal person. Some people flocked to the dog, patted and cuddled, I headed to the red wine, sat down and looked at the cheese platter. I sat beside a beauty blogger. She never once glanced at that cheese.

No one else glanced at the cheese either. I was left to try and eat as much as I could by myself. I did well. I ate cheese, had a wine and I got busy on twitter.

But I was not there to hear about cheese and wine and dogs.

I was there to listen to the information about beauty products. I like to hear such things, even though I rarely put them into practise. Sometimes I even lie to the people there, like when they asked me what type of cleanser and toner I use, and which serum (what exactly is a serum?)  I also lie to the hair dresser when she asks me if I have been using a toner treatment - of course, love, always.

The highlight of the night was the dark spot corrector. It is magic, it is cheap, with regular and constant use it will reduce the dark spots on your skin.

Magnetoboldtoo tweeted me asking if it would remove dark spots from the soul. I was too shy to ask this straight out so instead I asked the Garnier people if this stuff worked all over the body, the answer was yes, but no, DO NOT DRINK IT, it is poison for the soul or any other internal parts. There may have then been a conversation about dark spot corrector and anal bleaching on twitter. I do not have the answers for you, but I do not suggest you try that at home.

I have spent the last few weeks using the dark spot corrector on my hands. It smells good. It feels good. It has certainly reduced the colour of the dark freckle spots on my hand.

It is hard to see in the photos above, really you just see how pale and ugly my hands are, but there is a difference in real life, more so with the faint spots on the left of my hand.

The trouble is you really have to keep using it. You can't just use it a few times see the difference and then stop.

I have biscuit crumbs on my desk, opps.

So I asked Garnier if I could have a giveaway for dark spot corrector, but to be able to giveaway


I don't want you using it, loving it and having to buy more.

To win just tell me a story about anything at all to do with a dark spot. I will pick a winner on Sunday night.


1) One comment per person
2) Sharing is caring, please share with your friends on facebook and twitter and at mother's group and church.
3) LAST COMMENTS at 9pm Sunday 7 October 2012
4) No email, no win, if I can't find you in 72 hours I shall pick a new winner
5) Australian residents only.

Good Luck!
EDIT: Monday 8 October

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Amy who I shall email asap!

Thank you all for entering.


  1. And the other thing I asked? Still waiting for you to get back to me on that one...


  2. A story about a dark spot, heh? Well there was this one night out a long time ago in a seedy little bar in the centre of the city... Probs not the type of dark spot you're looking for. Let me try again. I had this beautiful white fluffy wool rug that I adored with all my heart. One day I introduced said rug to a nice glass of red wine...hmmm, probs not that kind of dark spot either. Nor the greasy one on my favourite tea towel, or the water stain on my bedroom ceiling shaped like the map of Australia.

    No, you're probably more interested in hearing about the dark spots that are now showing on my skin as a result of too many teenage sun bakes in the 80s (when we didn't know any better). I look at women with smooth even skin tones & desperately wish that could be me. If Garnier could help me erase some of my ugly dark spots, I'd be very grateful.

    1. Actually I am keen to hear about the seedy little bar. Very Much.

  3. My darling then-2yo with her perfect brand new skin, got her very first freckle.
    Apparently the world was ending. She had a HURT. Get it off! ow ow ow!
    Can't do that. Sorry.
    When she finished grieving, she looked up to see my face, my arms, my hands - and proceeded to kiss all MY freckle-hurts better! Sure did take her a while, but I loved every slobby moment.

  4. I started using this a week ago! And a years supply would be wonderful!! Can see change in one place already :)

  5. The dark spot...... when my daughter was pulled out of my tummy after an epic unprogressive labour she was born with a massive mole on her leg. It's uncommon from birth and for some it can turn malignant. She used to pick at it when she was little because she thought it was dirty. People used to say, what's wrong with her? Ummmmm nothing, like all kids this is how they are born. Then one summer we noticed a big ring developing around it, and I took her to the doctor. The doctor said that it is an unusual phenomenon when the body is rejecting the mole and it is making it disappear and that surgery won't be needed to remove it. How lucky, how special and obviously from my child cause weird things happen to us. I really liked it on her. The pigment is slowly turning back to her normal skin colour. She isn't bothered by it and loves to tell other kids that ask her what that spot is, all about her miraculous skin. She has spunk my girl and I am really proud of her! and that is our dark spot story.

  6. I have a darkish spot on my face which I always photoshop off. I would like to see if I could 'photoshop' this off in real life.

  7. I have a dark spot on the inside of my upper thigh (up on the meaty bits if you get my drift) and when I was younger my boyfriend was lets just say exploring my body; he discovered this oddly shaped mark. It was my birth mark and as I had had it all my life I didn't think about it until I saw the look on his face followed by the most horrific question when you are in a comprimising position (for the very first time ever) why do you have dirt on the inside of your leg?

    Well let me tell you my cheeks flushed red until I realised what he was talking about. I then had to explain it is a birth mark and definately not dirt. How filthy did he think I was? hahaha. (He did not mean it to sound horrible but it was embarrassing) Anyway it's safe to say the deed was not done that day and I haven't had to explain it to anyone else as I married that same boy.

    I have found however that since having kids during the pregnancies it has become darker and now I even notice it!


  8. Hmm... this is a hard one! Okay, well you know how many women are proud of their stretch marks, say they've 'earnt their stripes' etc after childbirth. Well, I was lucky and don't have any stretch marks after three children. However.... during each pregnancy I developed dark spots on my face above the eyebrows and on the cheeks. They did not disappear and call me vain if you wish, but I am not proud of them and I don't feel like I've earnt my spots! I would REALLY love to try this product! Thank you :)

  9. Pregnancy has also seen me develop dark spots to the skin either side of my eyes. I would love to correct this but unfortunately with two small children, money goes to their needs first! It would lovely to win a years supply and try out this product.

    crystalle2011 (at) hotmail (com)

  10. I'm with you, I'd bypass the dog and go for the cheese.

    Dark spots always make me think of Lady Macbeth. I may have been heard more than once saying out out damn spot to myself in the bathroom mirror, as I poke and prod the dark spot on my brow line. Doesn't seem to work though. It's still there and my children think I'm crazy. Well, they did even before they knew I quoted Shakespeare to myself in the bathroom of a morning.

  11. You could connect the dark spots with a texta on my skin if you wanted to. Being extremely fair skinned I have them everywhere. Of course sunbaking in the 80's with baby oil hasn't helped in the slightest. Most of them I can cover up except for the ones on my hands. I HATE that my hands are during into old ladies hands, I'm not even 40 yet.

  12. Dark spot....... my dark spot is the bottom of the laundry basket. Never gets to see the light of day coz its always full! I'm a cheese platter girl too.

  13. I have a little dark spot on my chin. Six years (SIX YEARS!!) into my relationship my fiancé told me I had a bit of chocolate on my chin. SIX YEARS!! It is highly likely that there was also chocolate ;)

  14. I have had some pigmentation marks on my face since I was pregnant with my daughter...7 years ago. It has driven me crazy since. Two weeks ago we went to Sydney and I bought a tube of the Dark Spot Corrector. I had tried many things with no success but I thought I'd give it a go. Unbelievably, the pigmentation is fading. Last week a friend told me that my skin had a glow. I have NEVER been told that. This cream is my saviour!!!

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  16. There's a few dark spots in my house. Not only spots where no light can penetrate, but spots where things go... missing. Case study #1 - my journal from 1999. Gone. To a dark spot.
    Case study #2 - several of my daughter's dummies. Gone. To a dark spot.
    Case study #3 - the ability to sleep longer than two or three hours, despite everyone else in the house sleeping. Gone. To a dark spot.
    Case study #4 - the red Harrods bus that spins around and around bumping into things and finding a new path. Gone. To a dark spot. (the top of the pantry, well out of tiny people's reach. A much better spot for Mummy's sanity.)

    Then there's also the physical one. In my second pregnancy I have noticed that I've developed a few dark spots on my face. I'm quite happy to be marked by pregnancy (hello stretch marks) but my face? That's just mean. And a dark spot.

    1. With this many dark spots hanging around I think you could do with a good supply of Dark Spot Corrector!

      You Win!

  17. Once convinced myself I had a winning (and cheaper than cheap) no-name brand solution to my dark spots, under eye baggage, wrinkles - the works. It was my very first beauty regime, and I was stoked to stick to it beyond 2 days. Come day 6 and my skin is TIGHT, it's looking radiant and all that good stuff. I swear the wrinkles have reduced. The under eye baggage is suddenly below the carry-on-limit. Also, randomly, my skin smells minty fresh. For real.

    Walked in the bathroom on day 7 to find my 5yr old daughter and 2yr old daughter with my tub of miracle cream open. 5yr old adds toothpaste (explains the minty fresh skin). 2yr old extracts finger from her nostril and shoves it in the tub to stir in the toothpaste. All the Avon kiddy cosmetics come out. Nail tint included. All are dumped in (except the chap stick, which is eaten by the 2yr old).

    At that point I stepped in and banned them from the bathroom.

    That was the last time I ever participated in a skin care regime. The eye baggage, wrinkles, dark spots are all back with a vengeance. Also, my skin no longer has that Macleans glow, that Colgate freshness....

  18. Me and my mum have a 'dark spot' just above our belly buttons and one day when we were talking about it my daughter said why she didnt have one lol. Later that afternoon she screamed Mummy Come Look !!!! I was like are you okay bub , whats the matter , she had drawn on a 'dark spot' just above her belly button liek mummy and nanny LOL (but it was with nikko pen GRRRR )

  19. My husband and his family all have a dark spot on their faces in different areas we are all taking bets on whe our daughters dark spot will appear

  20. One of my favourite memories of my childhood, was sitting next to my mum, holding her hands and just looking at them. She had heaps of spots on them - I used to do dot to dot with my fingers, pretend what the shapes were - just loved that one on one time with my mum. My mum would always comment on how much she detested those spots.

    Sadly, my mum is no longer with us, but I looked at my hands recently, and realised that one of the things she left me were her hands. More specifically those spots. I can finally see why she disliked those spots - they make my hands and arms look older than they should look. I think she would love to know that there is something that could sort them out!!

    morena(dot)howe(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au :)

  21. No kidding, I picked up my 87 year old grandmother on Thursday morning to take her to Spotlight then Bunnings. She was sitting on my left in the car and said "ooooh, you've got an age spot" and poked me in the face beside my eye to show me where it was. I was already aware of it, now I'm also self conscious about it.


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