Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hell according to Miss 3

We are a routine kind of family.
We like it, it works for us and our kids seem to like knowing how the weeks will be.

Last week I worked a lot, I had late nights and a conference that rolled into the weekend and I didn't see the kids as much as I usually do.

Saturday nights is movie night for us, but this week I was exhausted. But then the girls begged me to sit on the couch with them, to snuggle up tight and just be with them.

So I did and we watched RugRats, the movie.

There was a line in the movie where a child character says to a dog something like 'bad dogs don't go to heaven you know'.

Popps asked me, where do bad dogs go if they don't go to heaven?

I told her they went to hell instead.

"Where is that?" she asked

It's a place that is not nice to be, full of bad things I replied.

Immy replied with her own wisdom:

"Hell is a place full of donkeys and the donkeys keep licking your face."

And it is funny comments and moments like that which make having to spend your Saturday night watching RugRats totally worthwhile.

Are there donkeys licking your face in your Hell?

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  1. I love the funny things kids say.

    Hell for me is a husband who gets a fright at say 4.31am and tries to spring out if bed, is disoriented and springs the wrong direction, lands on me then falls off the bed with a huge thud. Sits there a while mumbling something about the cat before crawling back in to bed to recommence snoring at a bajillion decibels. No more sleep for me, just tossing and turning, thinking too much. I think I will take the donkeys if I may!

  2. Love it. I always worried about those donkeys - now I know! Glad you were able to find a giggle Claire xx

  3. Oh dear! Not the donkeys! Kids say the funniest things don't they?

  4. So cute! Donkeys licking my face seems pretty is sitting in this hospital ward waiting for a doctor to tell us we can go home! Was great to catch up on the weekend x


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