Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snotty nosed kids

Every few weeks we get an extra newsletter from school, 'Prep News' usually reminds parents to read every night with their children, to pack hats for playtime, pay for something and look for missing library books.

This week we have a new request.

It seems we live in an area of snotty nosed kids. The Preps have literally wiped through their tissue budget for the year and are calling on donations.

I can only imagine the grossness of teaching first grade schooling with snot wiped up sleeves, flicked from fingers or smeared across faces.

Initially I thought that surely a few boxes of tissues could be found in the budget, but 80 preps probably blow many a snot bubble and our school is already running a pretty tight ship with a large number of parents often unable to pay for school extras.

The teachers do enough and are even about to strike for better conditions I feel for them wiping all those noses with the one lace hankie found in a bottom drawer.

It's tissue shopping time, I will be looking for some with dettol infused or antibiotics hidden in the fibres, anything to prevent the green goop heading our way.

Has your school requested anything out of the ordinary?


  1. Tissues have always been on our list. I too didn't realise tissues put such a hole in the budget.

  2. Each child had bring in a box of tissues earlier in the year, surely that's kept them in good supply! And we are constantly getting asked for whiteboard markers. I think all the ink from them ends up on my sons school shirt!

  3. I can quite imagine that they HAVE gone through the boxes. We go through them here at home at a rate of knots too.

    They haven't asked for anything unusual yet. I'll be disappointed if they don't. =)

  4. Our class this year were requested to bring in their own tissue box to have on their desk. I think it is a great idea!

  5. As a Primary School teacher, I can vouch for this. Tissues {especially in the younger grades} diminish very quickly. It's not much fun! However, I don't mind helping the littlies with nose blowing so's the tying of the shoe laces that makes me gag every.time! They're always frayed, damp and filthy....and when a boy asks me to help tie his up after he's walked through the school loos, I almost spew! I go through A LOT of hand sanitizer when I teach....and I do 'how to tie your own shoe laces' lessons regularly :) Haaaaa!

  6. Schools are having issues with tissues! Who would have thunk it?


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