Monday, January 4, 2016

Three Apps for Primary School Kids - January 2016

It's time for some new apps on all the new devices that some kids got for Christmas.

I spend a lot of time checking out the apps my kids use and I am constantly surprised at how pathetic so many of them are. There are very few that really get used and even fewer that allow kids to think, to be creative, to use their heads.

When I am looking for an app that I want to recommend I am looking for apps that are not just about consumption.

I don't want my kids (or yours) to sit and just consume other people's crap. I want them to create their own stuff, crap or masterpiece, who cares, it's all theirs. My kids don't connect with other people on their devices (I lock that stuff down, big time) but some apps do allow you to connect with people outside -that's up to you what you want your kids to be able to do.


If your kids watched Pitch Perfect and loved it, if they are into singing or if they like to perform, this is a fun app for them to sing and make their own songs. They muck around with the sounds, film themselves singing/dancing and changing songs around. It's pretty fun. Then you can delete it and do it all again.

Currently free, but this is for a limited time.

Agent A

I love this app!

It's not for little kids as they might not be able to work out some of the clues - but then again if they spend enough time on it you will be surprised at what they figure out all on their own. Never underestimate the skills of little people. I am even thinking of downloading this on my own device so I can solve the crime without the kids trying to grab the ipad out of my hands while I 'help' them. In Agent A, there is a mystery to be solved, there are clues to find and things to work out. Everything needs investigating, remembering, rethinking until you have saved Agent A. I am still working on that bit!

Cost: $4.49 - but totally worth buying, no adverts and we have had no negative things on this one.

My First Dog.

This app is not really all that amazing - unless you are 7 years old and love everything about puppies and you want one and no one will get you one, and it says PUPPIES!! AND THEY ARE SO CUTE.

It's your job to get a puppy, look after it, train it and all that stuff.

This app is free, it's possible it might end up having in app purchases, but again - SWITCH THAT STUFF OFF.

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  1. Oh my lot will love that Accapella app.. thanks!
    Have you played with the Video Star app? Similar idea but you can film yourself lip syncing and dancing to your fav songs and then add effects etc to make a music video. Hours of fun!

    1. Yes, that's another good one, I am sure sometimes the song includes every effect available.

  2. Awesome list! I am constantly on the look out for age appropriate apps for our little miss.


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