Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Get out and do stuff: Melbourne Star

There are so many things you can just get out and do. Every day of the year there are people ready to entertain you or teach you or show you stuff.

If you think there is nothing more to see or do, act like a tourist. Go check out the tourist attractions in your town.

If you're in Melbourne, that might be Melbourne Star.

It sits there for all to see but so few of us actually get down there and take a trip around. At night is shines gorgeously and the kids love to be first to point out 'the big wheel', but we had never thought to actually go in and take a trip.

I wasn't sure what my kids would think of it but they really loved it and it's certainly got kids in mind.

Take the time to check out the signs along the way, there are some interesting facts and figures to read. Once onboard, the kids had a crossword to fill in, they needed to look out at the view to find the answers, like how many red squares on the top of the car park etc. At the end, they both won a little prize by completing the challenge.

Miss 7 was a bit nervous about the height. She preferred to stay towards the centre rather than near the windows and she mentioned a couple of times she was scared the door might open and she would fall out.

If you don't like heights, it might not be for you, but if you can fight the fear for a little bit, you'll be well rewarded.

Because the views are what you are after and if you go on a nice clear day you really will be seeing further than before. You'll see a long way and the audio speaker dude will fill you in on what you are looking at as you go.

Half an hour later you are back on the ground and if you have made the trip in with your kids, it's worth finishing off the day by taking them to play at the new park just near by. It's under the Bolte bridge and is great for kids that are tired of plastic slides and swings.

There is also plenty of space for running, picnics, cartwheels and handstands while you continue to enjoy the view of Melbourne.

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  1. We loved the Melbourne Star when we went. It was at night, in August I think when they have the fire works on a friday night. We timed it so we were up there as the fire works went off. It was awesome. That said I'd love to take the family again during the day to see all the beautiful parts of Melbourne in all their day time glory.


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