Friday, July 10, 2015

I celebrated 40

It's happened.

I have left my thirties behind and entered a whole new decade and if the last week has been a token of what is to come than I am really looking forward to the future.

I went without a giant party but I certainly feel as though I celebrated with lots of friends and family. From some it was as simple as a phone call, a facebook message or a text, but altogether it meant my phone was buzzing all day long with people who had me in their thoughts for a moment. It's actually pretty special to know that so many people from my last four decades took the time to send me wishes.

I dined for lunch and dinner multiple times through the week and ate lots of cake, because there are no calories in cake during your birthday week. There were little things in the mail and flowers that smelt like what beautiful smells like.

But most of all there was my family and a weekend away. We spent lots of quiet/busy time together. There was a pool. And a pool table. There was Foxtel and movies and scooters and skateboards. Plus the beach.

A few close friends joined us for some of the time and there was more talking than you think could ever occur in 24 hours.

I feel very lucky in so many ways. Turning 40 has been a lovely reminder to me of all the good in my life. Not everyone gets to turn 40, and those that do don't always get to have all the people they want there to celebrate with them, my Dad couldn't be here to have a drink with, but he left me surrounded by the best of people in all areas of my life.

He also left me a few good bottles of wine in the cellar. I like to think it was deliberate, his way of being there at all my future celebrations.

So, here's to 40 and all the good times ahead.


  1. Happy Birthday Clairey! Sounds like you've had a fabulous celebratory week :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! What beautiful celebrations xx


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