Monday, July 13, 2015

How to capture the best photos on your weekend away

You know I love to capture photos for my #MyFamilyAndMe Project. Every single week I like to make the effort to get a photo which includes me WITH the kids or Mr H because if I don't make a significant effort to get one, they just never ever happen.

Even though I managed to do that every week last year, and half of this year, there hasn't been that really special image that I loved so much I wanted it printed out and up on the wall.

It's also been a couple of years since I had professional photos taken of the girls, so last weekend when we went away for my 40th I decided I'd see if we could get some images.

I went straight to google and searched for photographers in the beach side town of Ocean Grove where we were going. I followed all four of those that came up on Facebook and had a good sticky beak at their style of images.

I really liked Narelle Niksic Photography so I sent a quick email to see if we could book in a time while we were at the beach house. Narelle replied instantly and we bonded over being late night workers, sending emails at midnight and how you never usually expect a reply.

On the Saturday morning I made the girls brush their hair, like really brush their hair, not just tie it back and hide the knots. I had told Narelle how I kept putting off having these photos taken, I was waiting for a time when I had lost some weight, had clearer skin, had better hair and a gorgeous outfit that looked amazing on me. Really, that day is never ever going to arrive.

Narelle sent me a little questionnaire before the day asking about each of us and what I was hoping the photos would be like. I told her I wanted us to be the focus, I wanted old style portrait photos, not magazine style where the background is the hero. She totally got what I wanted.

I have to wait three weeks until I see our gallery and then I am going to get my favourite images printed, framed and ON THE WALL, but until then, I have these little sneaky peak images and I am just so glad that I decided to get them taken.

I am definitely going to consider having professional photos done on some of our future weekends away.

Have you got a nice family portrait of you and your family? If not, what are you waiting for? 

This is not a sponsored post, but if you would like to see more of Narelle's images, check out her facebook page.


  1. Love the photos! And the idea of having photos taken while away is a great one. We haven't had family photos done since A was a toddler, which means we don't have any really nice ones as a family of four. REALLY need to get onto that.

    1. Yes you do. It's lovely to have a great photo of all of you captured forever. THEN PRINT.

  2. They look fab Claire! I really have to book in to have some taken with my two - sooner rather than later.

    1. You'll never regret lots of family photos. Do it.

  3. What absolutely exquisite photographs. Your little blondie is the image of you and your brunette is gorgeous. Fantastic memories Clairey. You will be literally boarding up your doors with those two beauties!

  4. Gorgeous pics!! And you are so right... If you don't make them happen. They don't! You were in my neck of the woods for your birthday weekend... Hope you enjoyed it! - Steph (Bower Birds Nest)


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