Monday, August 11, 2014

What made you think of that?

Sometimes I just get ideas. 

Idea 1: Let's do every activity along the local running track. 
I might be walking down the street, in a meeting, driving the car or doing the cooking and the idea comes to me and I decide that is something to be done. 

Often it can be a simple blog post. A story that starts to write itself in my head and swirls there until I get to a computer. But that is happening less and less, you might have noticed? 

Instead I am working on bigger projects in my real work life. I have meetings with people that start with things like "We thought we would meet to see what you think about this?" Somedays I just sit there with nothing to give. Other days I spit out so many suggestions that people just keep looking at me as though I might not stop. 

The trouble with this is that I am not always so good at seeing the ideas through. The fun part is the idea and if the project stalls I am probably already thinking of the next one. More ideas just keep coming up that I need to get working on. 

They are not all at work, they could be things to do around the house, they could be presents or gifts for friends, parties to organise, it could be school council or family get togethers, it could just be fun stuff to fill our weekends. 

Sometimes people will ask me, 'what made you think of that'? 

I don't have an answer. Other than once a conversation is completed, I often just keep replaying them in my head, it might be days later, it might be something I hear, see or do that makes me link it back to something else and the idea arrives, and once you have one idea for a project it just keeps flowing from there.

Funnily enough, with all these ideas and projects I am working on, I just can't think of anything to blog about lately. Those ideas are drowning under all the others that I have to spend time on, or want to spend time on. 

Do you have too many ideas to fit into one lifetime?


  1. YES! I have ALL THE IDEAS and none of the time.

  2. Yes and now I worry that I will run out of time x

    1. There will never be enough time Rae, because every day brings new thoughts, new chances to be a doer. It's a good thing.

  3. I've been waiting for someone to offer me a job as a professional ideas generator for years. I'm like an ideas tsunami and just about as useful... x

    1. We should all start a brainstorming company.

  4. It's either a feast or famine for me. I much prefer the feast!

  5. Girl, I am so the same. Can't blog for shite cause I have a million ideas for everything ever (and a Pokemon 21st in a few weeks) and I have to think about nothing else. I need some staff to do the follow through.


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