Thursday, August 14, 2014

Do you dress up for Adult Functions with a theme?

In two weeks I am off to a big blogging conference.

It will be a big event and there are lots of people who have ridiculous numbers of followers on their social media channels who will be both attending and presenting.

They are usually pretty generous with their knowledge and are happy to share it all with those wanting to learn the way. We all sit there writing and thinking and asking questions.

By the end of the day you are pretty exhausted but also buzzing with the excitement from soaking up so much in such a short time.

Then you have a function to attend. Everyone dons their best glad rags, splashes on their best face and the hair straighteners are heated and ready to work.

This year, there is a theme. Nautical.

Pretty easy really. You can just do anything in red, white or blue. You could go crazy and dress as a pirate or a mermaid or wear a box and be a boat.

Some people might just wear a token symbol, a scarf with an anchor print, or perhaps a sunhat and glasses.

But wearing to a theme takes one essential ingredient. Confidence.

Not just anyone can turn up as a mermaid to a venue full of 500 people you don't know.  You also need to consider how you are going to get around the venue, can you walk in those flippers or recognise people if you are wearing goggles on your eyes?

The alternative of not dressing to a theme can only be considered party pooperish. Dressing up is fun, it makes you make a bit of effort and offers the chance to do something different.

But I have no idea what I am going to wear! It's a classy party, I don't want to look like Popeye.

I found this dress, but they are out of stock.

I have a new striped tee that I could wear with some white linen pants, so I tried them on together. 
Clearly I have had my hand in the tim tams too often and those pants that I wore in summer no longer do up. 

So I have been looking online for things I might be able to race to the shops and get. 

I could go casual nautical: 

Casual Nautical

Casual Nautical by claire-hewitt featuring euro furniture

Or I could go more dorky. Dorky often works on me.

Dorky Nautical

Dorky Nautical by claire-hewitt featuring long dresses

Whatever I end up wearing, I can tell you this. What I wear to that event for 2 hours will occupy way too much of my time.

What would you wear to a Nautical Themed Fancy Event? 


  1. I love the dress with the red tie....but I think the shoes/espadrilles should be plain blue. Jazz up the outfit with gold earrings, and a red or straw clutch. If you are feeling really brave...maybe a Hamptons style straw hat with a blue band. Whatever you wear...remember to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

  2. Nautical at night is a tricky one, more of a day theme really. I would go the Ahoy there Sailor route, either tongue in cheek with whole garb. Or more sophisticated, black wide leg pants and striped top, more Chanel resort than Gilligan's Island. Have fun. Monique.

  3. I have no idea what I will be wearing either. In fact this post just made me think I may have to put some thought in to this soon! It will more likely be something subtle....I can see lots of stripes!

  4. Looking forward to meeting you there Clairey! A stripey top and scarf will be it for me I think!

  5. I really like the dorky dress!

    I haven't given this a moment's thought and now I'm in panic mode. I hate dressing up SO MUCH. But I don't want to be a pooper (what a funny word that is!!). Whatever l end up wearing, I'm looking forward to hanI really like the dorky dress!

    I haven't given this a moment's thought and now I'm in panic mode. I hate dressing up SO MUCH. But I don't want to be a pooper (what a funny word that is!!). Whatever - in the end we still get to hang out and that will boost the old confidence regardless!! x

  6. I don't quite know what happened there... it's hard commenting on my phone!!! x

  7. My first choice would be octopus. Wish I was going!

    1. Oh, good idea, Kelley! Maybe Sonia, Claire, myself and one other can get together and go as an octopus together? Good drinking games afoot!! x

  8. Ooh, I like the dorky dress too! Or you could just get yourself a cute little sailor's hat and wear it with jeans and white t-shirt. Or go as a pirate. You can't go wrong dressed as a pirate. I hate dressing up.

  9. Holy shitballs - we need to dress up? I did not know that lol. I am thinking simple for me as I really dont like dressing up. Yep I am party pooperish ;) xx

  10. I don't mind a good dress-up party, but I generally tend to utilise stuff I already have. In this case though, I would have nothing that fits the nautical theme (yet I could pull together an entire Hermione Granger outfit from my wardrobe. Yep, there's something weird going on there!). I love the dorky nautical, it's super cute. Whatever you decide to wear, I hope you have a great night!

  11. It's a tough one isn't it? I'm actually wearing the first dress pictured! My sister is a theme party Queen and bought this dress for a French themed party over a year ago :)

  12. I have no clue, but I'm NOT wearing strips, make me look bigger than I already am, thinking I'll go along with the pirate type or mermaid theme, just not sure how - I'll be a last minute Larry as usual!

    1. Stripes are fab. Don't let some fashion "rule" stop you wearing them.

  13. I absolutely love that first dress and jumped straight over to get one but they didn't have my size either. That dorky outfit would be my next pick - it's fun, nautical and not too dressy or casual.
    Have fun and be confident :)

  14. I'm quite likely to be on the poop deck not dressed up - I'm not a dresser-upper. I will bring stripes just in case. Aye aye Captain!!


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