Monday, June 23, 2014

SORTED: 10 Great ideas for the Victorian July School Holidays

I really love school holidays. Possibly even more than the kids so I have collated a list of ten things to do these school holidays.

And there is a great giveaway to Sovereign Hill in there too so make sure you leave a comment to win a $207 family pass.


This is the first time that this holiday activity has been planned and Immy is the most excited person in the whole of Melbourne. She has long told us that when she grows up she is going to be a paediatric vet (not sure these exist but they do now). I have told her that the puppies are not for taking home, but she is coming up with ideas on how she can steal one and get it to the car.
Check the facebook page for details or just for cute puppies.


I wrote about it here, we are heading to a show and will have an afternoon out, maybe grabbing lunch in the city first. It's always a winner for kids, but wear warm clothes, it's cold in there.


The Christmas in July is happening again and we are heading back for another day. There is so much to see and do at Sovereign Hill that even after a full day there last year we are going back to see even more. More mines to explore, horses to see, history to soak up. This year they are also opening up til after dark for a special light show. I hope the bakery stays open too...I love pies on a cold winter night.

Want to check it out too? I hope so, because I have THREE family passes to give away, each is valued at $207 and valid for 12 months.  I know you will have such a great day, how could you not, there are raspberry drops, THE most amazing lollies ever invented. 


July holidays eastland

Eastland Shopping Centre is hosting a stack of FREE activities including some ice skating, even a bit of evening disco skating. So, well, get your disco skates on!


According to all childhood experts it is really important to allow your kids to be bored. To lie around and look at the ants and think 'this is boring'.

It's good for them. They might complain a bit at first, but if you ignore them long enough, they will find something to do.

Lake Mountain

It's only an hour and a bit from the city, take a day trip to the snow!

Pack the easiest and cheapest snow lunch ever: A thermos full of hot dogs, a bag of bread rolls and the tomato sauce. You won't need a blanket to sit on, but you could dine with a snow man. If there is no snow that day, take a bush walk around the area, it really is so beautiful.

Lego - FREE

Everything is Awesome...
Or it might be if you have kids who like to check out Lego. The Watergardens Shopping Centre has a Lego play space and some really great Lego constructions to check out. My favourite was THE LOVE BOAT. It's worth taking a look, especially if you remember watching the show.

Anakie Fairy Park.

I wrote all about it back in 2011. Have you been? Take the trip - but take a beanie and scarf it's cold in the winter.

Backyard Camping

Let the kids put up a tent in the backyard, grab a little firepit, (we have a little one like this) and sit around the fire for the evening. Cook damper on a stick or wrap potatoes in foil with a bit of butter and let them cook in the fire too. 

You might not camp out the whole night, but you have the choice, if it gets too outdoorsy for you, simply go inside, the brave will be rewarded with a starry night sky and maybe even the milky way if the city lights and smog don't ruin it.

Itty Bitty Book Van

The last Saturday of the holidays will be an Itty Bitty Day. More specifically, it will be a day to visit the Itty Bitty Book Van at the Queen Victoria Market.

I already have a few books that I want to buy and as I am a total sucker for kids books I will find it hard to only pick a couple of others. If you haven't seen the Itty Bitty Book Van yet, you are missing out. Get to the market, buy a hot jam doughnut and sit down and read some books (not with the doughnut, eat that first, lick your fingers til they are clean).

What about you? If you want to win tickets to Sovereign Hill just leave me a comment about your school holidays - do you love them or hate them, plan them or just chillax the way through? 

Comments Open Monday 23 June 2014 and close Thursday 26 June at 8pm. 
PLEASE LEAVE ME AN EMAIL ADDRESS so I can contact the winner. 


  1. Any wonder Immy is so excited about these holidays!! You have so many fabulous ideas there.

    I seam to take holidays when it's not school holidays, so during the holidays it's generally really quiet. I have not even planned one day yet! It's just a juggle between grandma, who always makes things fun and friends.
    I'll organise a surprise weekend in the middle. Might even head to Ballarat for some boiled lollies and Devonshire tea!

  2. Oh wow Sovereign Hill! I haven't been there since I was eight and that was a very long time ago now!! I love the holidays. No school run, no lunchboxes. We hang out at home alot and do as many museums and kid activities we can. I would love to take the kids here though. So lovely to meet you on Sunday too! Xx

  3. I absolutely adore school holidays, the opportunity to wake as we see fit and stay in our jimmy's till we're ready. I still have to work a couple of days but beyond that I'm looking forward to chillin with the kids. That said it's good to have a couple of things planned. It's my son's 7th birthday on the last friday and I've booked him into an AFL training clinic for the day with his mate. He is super excited. I'd love to take the kids to Sovereign Hill, it's something I did as a kid, I just know they'd love it.

  4. I absolutely LOVE school holidays!! And these ones should be our best yet as my husband will be home to spend it with us!
    That Lake Mountain day trip has just gone on my to-do list; so thanks so much for sharing!!
    I do plan school holidays but loosely, just to avoid those bored days.
    A lot of parents think school holidays are so expensive but it doesn't have to be. I'm not too proud to say that I'm a bit of a tight-wad when it comes to spending $$, but with a little planning, the holidays can be fun and relatively inexpensive.
    For example: if the kids want to see a movie, go on a cinema discount day and take your own snacks.
    Have a craft day at home using items found in the home: straws, paper plates, balloons, even old socks to make puppets with!
    On wet weather/boring days, build an indoor fort. You can really jazzle it up with some cushions and fairy lights (hung safely by an adult!)
    I'm even planning a 'costume day' where the kids can raid our and their closets and dress up, and maybe even entice them to do a play.
    Also, take advantage of free activities at your local shopping centre (like the Lego at Watergardens above), or local library. Ours has awesome school holiday activity days.
    Day trips out to national parks can be lots of fun. I know the weather isn't great this time of year but if you choose a day when it isn't going to rain, and rug up the kids, and pack a picnic lunch, it can be a lot of fun. We love Kinglake, and we also love Maroondah Reservoir Park.
    Trips to markets can be great too (especially if there's a hot jam donut van onsite!!)
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win an awesome day out; my girls would love this! My email is

  5. Not entering but I have to say , kids can make their own fun with bored days - just hide the iPad and TV remote/game controllers.

  6. PS I've got a post ready to go about this too :)

  7. Well this Grandma is looking after my two lovies grand children durng the holidays. Something I look forward too. It helps out my daughter and I enjoy spending time with the kids.
    Neither grand children have seen snow, so Sovereign Hill 'Christmas in July' sounds lovely. I am sure I would be the best grandma if I took them there in the holidays. I may even dress them up in old fashioned clothes and get their photo taken. Although their mother would kill me!

    1. WInner Number 1! Email is on it's way to you Judy.

  8. As a working mum school holidays are a treat for me and the perfect time to spend some time with my son. We try and pack as much action into our holidays as we can and really make the most of it!!

  9. I love school hols, its a break for everyone. We always try and plan one big adventure or treat. Most often its a cinema trip, which is still very special to the kids. Im sure a trip to Ballart would be extra special for school hols

  10. Thanks for all the ideas! We're new to Melbourne and I hadn't heard of about half of these activities. We'll definitely be checking out a few!
    As my child is still too young for school, school holidays only affect us in that there's less traffic around our house (Yay!) and that Playgroup's not on for a few weeks (Boo) so school holiday time has its up and downs for us :)

  11. As a part-time teacher and Mumma, I loved holidays!!! We like to balance them with outings, visits and days at home, holidays are about fun but also recharging those batteries! We will be visiting Fun4Kids again this year in Warrnambool, a must do if you have never been. Sovereign Hill was also on my list, the kids have never been and have never seen snow, I'd love to see their faces!!

  12. I like the school holidays as its nice to have a break from the everyday routine and do some different things. I always have a few special things planned for the kids (like movies or a day out) and then some free days. This holidays we're heading to Melbourne for a weekend to see Dinosaur Adventures and Disney on Ice (both massive treats for my dinosaur obsessed boys and I'm quite excited about Disney on Ice as I've never been before). Its great all the different holiday activities that are on. The boys will also have a special sleep over at each grandparents house (and me a little break).

  13. We plan some the school holidays but it's fun to see what the kids want to get up to each day we try to offer them some options and let them pick.

  14. I have a love hate relationship with holidays, but they always end up better fun that I anticipate! We usually plan some activity or outing in the morning, then free time in the arvo. I often take the boys away for a week on my own and we always have a great time, they always seem better behaved when there is only 1 parent. We love Sovereign Hill and to win a ticket would be awesome!
    Thanks for the opportunity

  15. Absolutely love Sovereign Hill! Love spending time here, stepping back in time. Quaint little shops with people in period costumes. The horses who show you around the town. Would absolutely love to spend time with my family here. A wonderful day experiencing things of the past. Educational as well, so the little ones can have a glimpse into the past. Fingers crossed! Thank you.

  16. There are so many fun things happening these holidays - I wish I didn't live so far away from everything! I'd have to make it an actual overnight/several night stay in order to make the most out of everything. I think the kids would die of excitement at the LEGO display lol

  17. As our usual level of excitement is "all day pj day", an actual organised outing would take our holidays to a whole new level.

    (If I get really organised, would love to take my 7 year old up to see his first snow.)

  18. I love them ... we are on Kinder holidays .. and planning our first trip away! We will be going to QLD for 6 days to spend time with my Dad (we are in VIC). First time on a plane for my little one .... first real holiday! so exciting! (PS got really cheap flights from Tiger Air ... $30 flights at the moment ...although once you put in all the 'fees' it does bump it up quite a bit ... but its still achievable)

    Thanks for the ideas! Fairy Park is great ... we did that last school holidays ... wear comfy shoes though and don't go on a wet day as there are quite steep/slippery paths.


  19. School holidays, I love not having to leave the house early in the morning, but I don't like the fighting between the kids. I love not having to make lunches in advance, but I'm not fond of the extra food the kids eat while home all the time. I love spending extra time with the kids, but I really miss the "me" time. I love taking the kids to do special things, but not so much the extra money it costs. A love hate relationship that I'm kind of glad is only 2 weeks.

    1. Winner Number 2 - it's a winning trip these holidays, it will be cold but great!

  20. Gotta remember - you'll never get to spend this much time with your kids in the future, so make the best of the gift that school holidays offer you. It's a time where you can create your own history and your own nostalgia, if only you choose to make the best of it.

  21. Oh, when are you going to Disney on Ice? I hope it is the Friday show, Milla is skating in the pre-show performance at 2.30! It is going to be super exciting but also time consuming with rehearsals every day.


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