Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove

They're Back. 

Winter Holidays are not far away and that means the Disney On Ice Team are back in town. 

We have been the last few years and the girls just love it so we are heading back again this year. Rather than just princesses this year it is Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove, where they are covering the last 50 years of the best animated films. I think the Lion King part will be my favourite.

The show is playing all over Australia at different venues and because I have readers all over Australia in different States, I have tickets to give away all over the place too.

Check it out.

There are FOUR tickets for each of the following events to give to the one person. So you can take yourself and three other people.

Tickets are for the following shows: 

1 x family pass Wollongong Friday 13th June 7pm
1 x family pass Newcastle Friday 20th June 7pm
1 x family pass Brisbane Saturday 28th June 6pm1 x family pass Melbourne Sunday 6th July 5pm
1 x family pass Sydney Friday 11th July 7pm

Now, it's time to ask you three questions: 

1. Do you want to see Disney On Ice, Treasure Trove?  
If yes, keep reading.

2. Are you available to attend one of the venues and dates in the list above? 
If yes, keep reading.

If No, then quickly leave one because this giveaway closes on Sunday 8 June 2014.

Please, please, please leave me an email address to allow me to contact you if you win. 

Check the website for all futher details about Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove


  1. Yes please!!!
    I am available for the Sydney show! We have never been to Disney on Ice.
    My 3 kids are at that magical age where there is something for each of them to enjoy- the 7 year old is learning the songs from The Lion King at school, the 5 year old has Buzz and Woody sitting on his bed, and the 3 year old wants to be a Disney princess.
    My email is

  2. Hi
    Yes please.We are available for either the sydney or newcastle show.
    I have 2 daughter age 5 and 7 and the 7 year old turn 8 in july and she said its her dream to go to this show.
    With thanks

  3. Ooooohhhhhh, Melbourne please.
    We went to see KidzAct's Little Mermaid in April and I have never seen Amelia sit still and pay attention so well. She was fascinated with the show and still sings and dances the scenes around the house and asks when are we going to another show!

  4. Oh yes please what a lovely give away. My crew would love this as Mr 4 is obsessed with a capital O with Toy Story, he would think all his Christmases and quite possibly birthdays too would have come all at once and we are team Woody all the way. My miss 2 just wants to be a princess, sorry is a princess (her words) so she would feel right a home.
    Thanks Jodie-Ann

  5. Pick me! Pick Me!
    The reason we need to win is because this family have NEVER and I mean NEVER seen the Lion King! Can you beleive it? Well its true. To see the joy on their little faces as the sounds of 'Circle of Life' and 'Can you feel the love tonight', are played through the arena, WOW what a magical event to be part of! If I won, I am sure I will Mother of the year for this one. Melbourne Please!

  6. I would love to take my godson to see the Sydney show, because he loves his Disney movies, thanks to his mum!

  7. I would love to take my daughters to the Brisbane show (8 & 6). I think they are at the age that they would really appreciate the magic of the show and be completely in awe of the skating. We had our first ice skating experience recently which was fun yet tricky so I think they would really appreciate this art form! (

  8. Hi Clairey,

    We are available for the Sydney Show.

    I have an almost 7 year old girl, a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old girl. We would all go together as a girls night out. Things haven't been too good for us lately and it's a few days before Miss almost 7's birthday, so it's a magic experience that we will all never forget...

    3 daughters, a girly night out and some awesome Disney characters all effortlessly gliding around on ice skates is something to be cherished forever!!!

    It's something that the family budget would never stretch for right now and it's something we have never been to before!

    Lots of fingers crossed bloglovin right now,

    Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans


    feline1981 at yahoo dot com

    1. A girls day out is coming your way Amanda.

      I will email you tonight!

  9. Hi!
    We would be able to attend the Melbourne show if we were fortunate enough to win.
    I'd love to be able to treat my daughters as money has been tight since my husband was made redundant late last year and hasn't found work since.
    They have had to go without a few things, and it would be really nice to have a beautiful family day out. Thank you for the opportunity. Email is

  10. Hello, I would love to take my family to the Brisbane show.

  11. Hi Claire,
    I would love to get these tickets for my boss and his family. He is married with two little girls. He is having a rough time in both his personal and work life and I am sure would love to take his girls to this. Oh and he lives near Wollongong, so would love to go to that show.
    SAM :)

    1. I just realised I forgot to leave my email address - in case :)

  12. If I win, I promise to wear my son's cowboy hat for the duration of the show! (but i do stop at chaps and Cow hide)-Melbourne show would suit this family.

  13. Good morning!

    We would LOVE to win tickets to the Brisbane show on the 28th.

    It would be a wonderful surprise gift for my June birthday girl

    Thank you!

  14. Would love to take my own little 5yo princess to the Brisbane show! I don't have a cool reason like the mums above, I just think my little girl (and two of her friends!) would have so much fun!!!

  15. Hello! We'd love to go to the Melbourne show. It's my sons bday on the hols and it's a 'no party' year. Ha! This would certainly soften the blow.

  16. I'd love to take my kids to the Brisbane show, I'm sure miss2 would be captivated and Miss17 is the biggest Disney fan ever, she is a walking Disney Encyclopedia!

  17. I remember seeing Disney on Ice as a child and the memory of it as stuck with me forever. YAY they are coming to Brisbane, this is the show we would love to win tickets too! There's something special about the Disney messages, especially the Lion King. I can also guarantee there will be tears as I cry at most Disney movies/shows these days, sad Sam.
    AWESOME giveaway Claire x

  18. We'd love to attend the Sydney show. Little Miss Four just loves all the Disney characters & as a dancer Miss Fifteen just loves to watch the poise and grace of the skaters as they perform. Such a wonderful experience.

  19. The Sydney show would be a magical experience I would love to share with my little girls, I would also be excited to see Disney on Ice.

  20. Love to take my girls to this as a struggling single mum I would do anything to take them to the Melbourne show!! I would even drive them to Wollongong lol to see this


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