Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 4: #MyFamilyandMe Broken Phone

At only week four of my personal #MyFamilyandMe challenge I have hit trouble.

Two words: DEAD PHONE.

My trusty pal, my extra limb, my life in my palm, she simply curled up her toes, switched herself off and will not be returning. I have lost my contacts, my photos that were not backed up and my connections to the world outside my home.

It's not such a bad thing. I can't check my work emails, facebook accounts, twitter, blogs, readers, ebay, text messages, instagram, and no one can call me. I have found many extra hours in the day.

So this week, my photo is a little more arty farty. It's me, it's my family, but we are faceless, I am but a shadow, capturing the moment on this magical day. The Halls Gap fires were still burning, but we visited the Halls Gap zoo and had the entire place to ourselves. We walked the with zoo keepers and got to feed and pet animals like no one else does. We got to feed ALL the deer, but these wallabies were a particular favourite. We feed them for half an hour and they sat quietly while the girls patted them and tried to coax joeys out of pouches.

It will be a couple of weeks until my phone is fixed, if you need me, you will need to act like it is 1984 and send a letter or use the home phone - if you still have one!

I love seeing all the images on instagram each week. Please remember that if you have a private account I am unable to see your images, you would need to tag me with my instagram name @Claireyhewitt and let me follow you for me to see them (not necessary but I don't want people to think I am not seeing their pics!)

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  1. OH NO! No phone! I don't know how I would cope. Mind you, it might be a good thing sometimes. :)

  2. We have a local zoo too - in fact some of the monkeys came from HG zoo. Glad you had fun. The phone loss - ugh. My photos automatically back up to dropbox so they are all there but all the other stuff would be gone....

  3. Oh dear! I'd be lost without my phone too! The zoo sounds good, I didn't know there was one there, I'll have to remember that one :)


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