Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 2: #MyFamilyandMe The Pinnacle

It's Week 2 of #MyFamilyandMe and I am thrilled that I have made it through the challenge so far. Only 50 weeks to go.

This week we took a little walk. A walk that was going to be one where we drove to a carpark and took the short cut walk to the top of the mountain, but then the guy at the Adventurers R Us shop where we went to grab a new back pack suggested we really should try the full walk.

Make sure you go through the Grand Canyon he said. Don't miss the best bits he said. Stop as you go and you will find it easy he said.

walk to Pinnacle

So we did.

It is the middle of summer and it is really hot, we probably didn't have enough water with us but we had a few packs of sultanas and some Monte Carlo biscuits and we also had the promise that anyone who makes it up and back without whinging gets a DOUBLE CONE ice cream.

Up we went, over rocks, through rocks, under rocks, slipping on rocks,

Stopping for the usual photo. The type we usually take of just one of us or just the kids.

I seemed to be the weakest link and had to take a selfie to try and show what I was climbing through. During this section the girls were yelling out "Dad's bum won't fit through here!"  I was just thankful they were not yelling that Mum's bum wouldn't fit through.

See the crack of light down low behind me, that is where we came through.

We climbed and climbed, ate sultanas, rested, ate more sultanas and gazed at all the lizards.

We got to the top and Mr H made the effort and asked another couple to take a photo of us. Of course they were happy to do so and he returned the favour for them.

So here we are, week two and there is another photo for our yearly album that includes us all.

Exhausted, untidy. Together.

The Pinnacle Mountain climb (long scenic version) was 5.45kms.
Three Hours return.

It all ended with double scoops.

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  1. I think Nick might have dragged us up the same (or similar) Mt while we were at UnBlogged. Great memories - but it was a bit of a marathon at the time :) Great photos.

  2. Great pics Claire and sounds like an enjoyable time :)

  3. Brilliant photos! well done on the no whinging!
    I was going to play this week but my blog is in maintenance while I switch hosts. (arrrgghhh).
    But I love this project and will link up laterz.

  4. Well done!! What a beautiful looking walk!

  5. looks like you had a fun time, good on you for doing the whole thing! Bushwalking is on my to do list this year but I'm a sook and hanging out for winter to do it! I've linked up Claire but I can't see it there, not sure what happened?

    1. I have added it in there for you Kelly - no idea why it wasn't working, but I added a different link with Mister Linky. See how it goes!

  6. Wow this looks amazing! I think it's such a brilliant thing you are doing and so look forward to hearing about all your other adventures....and a double cone ice-cream would so get me through the walk too lol! xx Lucy from Bake Play Smile #TeamIBOT

  7. What a great adventure! And great link too - will have to get my bottom into gear and catch up! Nothing like fresh air and nature to blow off cobwebs hey?! :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  8. You had me at double ice cream. Well done. I must try to get a photo tonight.

  9. Phew! I'm exhausted. Good luck for the next 50 weeks too. I'm already out of #selfieaday2014 lol!

  10. i swear i thought I posted here? like what? Oh well. I will post again.
    I'm glad you are enjoying the Grampians. Great job with walking to the Pinnacle, it's the feature walk of the grampians, but the views are spectacular. I bet the kids will remember the icecream more than the walk.

  11. How great that the kids were up to it - mine are a bit young for a big hike, but as a Kiwi I'm used to do lots of walks and LOVE them. And ice cream at the end - so worth it!

  12. I love that your daughter did the walk in a dress, runners and all. too cute.

  13. That walk looks awesome! I can't wait until all my kids are old enough to be able to join in with something like this.


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