Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One Party down

The first Christmas party on the schedule was the creche Christmas party. It was fabulous.

It will be our last one. 

Three years of swipe keys and sign ins, accident forms and paint stains.

Our creche has provided more to our girls than we could have hoped. Loving teachers, the best of little friends, an amazing out door space that is the backyard of childhood dreams and exposure to the cultural celebrations from all around the world only touch the surface. 

I hope both the girls remember the fun times they had here. But if they don't, I will remember for them. 


  1. That is the most amazing garden for a creche. Love it.!

  2. We have ours on Saturday. It will be our little misses last. But our little man starts there next year so we get to start all over again :)

  3. Bittersweet. Memories. etc. I still miss our daycare. x

  4. Wow. That outdoor space is gorgeous!

    So glad you had such a wonderful experience. Definitely bittersweet to close that chapter.

  5. WOW what an awesome place. I cried when I closed the gates of my babies kindy for the last time. I promised to go back and visit, but we never have xx


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