Sunday, December 15, 2013

Letter to the world

Dear World.

Can not believe it. Can you? Can you really believe my Mum is still doing this? She is still typing away to herself, telling us that she is working when we know she is just writing stories on the computer because she thinks if she doesn't write them down she will forget everything.

Which might be true, because she does forget things. Like my hat for Kinder and last week she forgot all about Popps needing to be dressed in Zimbabwe clothes for a school dance concert.

Each year she gets me to write a letter to the world when it's my birthday.

But really, Mum is not too bad, she remembers all the good stuff. Mum knows that I like stockings on my legs and not leggings, no matter what the weather. She knows that I love to sleep in onesies - always. I don't like my feet to be uncovered and I don't like to get out of bed in the morning unless I am covered in polar fleece. Not sure how we are going to get through the summer time, but Mum will work out something.

People keep asking me if I am excited about school next year. I say yes to all of them, but really, how would I know? If it's anything like Kinder than I want to be there all day but if they do too much group time and sit on the mat time than I am not sure I will like it.

You know what I really, just really truly love? Baby animals and anything to do with babies. And animals. I asked Santa to bring me a baby lamb, one without a Mummy sheep, so that I can be the Mummy and look after it. But Santa said no. I asked Dad for a pony and he said no. I asked for a new puppy and they all said no. I thought Mum was growing a baby sister for me in her tummy but she said it was just all the cake she eats. So I asked if we could get another dog so that our dog Peppa could have puppies, but still they said no. But when I grow up I am going to be a vet for baby animals. Like a neonatologist for animals.

I love lollies. I love them so much that I ate a whole stack one day and a few hours later I was vomiting from too many lollies, but still, I would do it again because I just love them so much. But Mum is really mean and hardly ever lets me have them. Dad will always say yes, so when Mum says no, you just ask my Dad and you get what you want. Pretty much the same for everything else in my life. And if they both say no, ask Granny, than Nana and then Pop. I have them totally worked out. Best family in the whole world.

That's about all I can be bothered with right now, I got stuff to do, people to see and mess to make.

Send me lollies if you want to be friends.
Immy Molly Moo


  1. Very, very cute, thanks for sharing

  2. Love it Claire!!! Fabulous letter. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Mel x

  3. I love lollies too! So, can we be friends? I love how you were clever enough to take mum's computer and write, write and write! I reckon YOU can be the teacher at school next year! Love, Denyse

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful blossom. I adore the vet outfit! Innin search of a nurses one and am yet to put my hands on one. Haven't read your letters to the world before. Addicted. Must go in search of others.

  5. Happy birthday Immy :) Such a beautiful letter Claire. You should write kids books.

  6. Gorgeous. Happy Birthday to your little one x

  7. I love that, just ask my Dad!! That is pretty much in our house too.
    Happy Birthday!! She is such a gorgeous girl.

  8. Oh happy birthday sweet Immy, P.S I like lollies too especially chicos and red licorice :) xx

  9. I really like this idea- I've seen so many people write a letter to their child on their birthday (as I do too) but writing one from the other perspective is such a good idea!!


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