Monday, February 11, 2013

The dirt on the rainbow - it happens.

The other night I was scrolling through facebook when I saw that one of my fave kids clothes shops was advertising a new range of clothing. One little dress really took my fancy but I had also spent the night folding washing (surprise!) and telling myself that Immy in particular has way too many dresses and that I should be buying myself some clothes before anyone in the house gets one more item.

Then I typed a quick comment saying 'please hold a dress for me, I will pick it up tomorrow'.

Foolish lady I am. I know. I can't help it.

I tweeted into the empty night asking if other Mums were so stupid to spend all their spare cash on kids (un-needed) clothes rather than themselves.

And guess what - there are heaps of us!

Kids clothes are cheaper, kids clothes are cuter, kids clothes tend to fit perfectly, if you need size 4 and buy online, it is going to fit. Not so much for Mums whose bodies are changing a bit, lumpier or bumpier than at other times. Dragging kids into change rooms is no fun, it's easier to just buy for little people.

So off I went and bought the gorgeous rainbow dress. Immy loved it and wore it all day long.

I also bought Popps some different coloured ink pads for this great book she got for Christmas where you use thumb prints to do all the images. I must admit, I really like the book and have spent some time printing my thumbs on a few pages. So rather than waiting til school finished we unwrapped the ink pads and had a play with them until Immy said enough.

Two hours later and I see that the new rainbow dress is ruined, she has been sitting on the ink pad! And then she sat on the floor where she added some ink and then, just for fun she watched TV and now the white leather couch has hot pink smears all over it. I scrubbed so much the leather was starting to peel away, but no luck, that pink is there for awhile.

I now have a rainbow dress with ink on it, and after I sprayed it and put it in the laundry sink the ink spread to the other side of the dress where it was touching. I have a huge pink mark on my white leather couch and I still have no new clothes for myself.

So the moral of this story is to stop buying the girls anything at all and to use the money for a new couch.


  1. Guilty as charged. I love buying clothes for my kids. My daughter ruined a top yesterday eating a chocolate and raspberry brownie unsupervised. Found some squished into my beige carpet too.

  2. After having kids, I didn't feel like I could justify spending my money on myself, but could on the kids!

  3. Ouch. Where to start with this disaster?!
    I hope it comes out of the couch soon.

  4. I am trying really hard (this month in particular) to buy nothing at all for any of us. I'm the only one missing out, the kids have loads. hopefully I'll see the difference.

  5. So glad I am not the only one who suffers from this addiction - and with bub number 2 on its way its bound to only get worse!

  6. Yep, I have been known to spend my birthday vouchers on the kids. But I can see how you couldn't resist the rainbow dress x

  7. OMG, that is a horrendous story! Poor couch. I can imagine your horror when you saw it! P.S I am exactly the same, haven't bought anything much for me but I can tell you both my girls are going to be kitted out for Easter.

    1. Easter! I haven't got through summer yet. But I know Immy will need new gumboots if we are going camping, and that will also mean new tracksuit pants if the weather gets cool - I guess I will be wearing the same ones as last year, but lucky they are black and no one will know and I haven't grown two inches.


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