Friday, February 15, 2013

Out on the town

Wednesday night was parent - teacher interview night for us and we learnt from last year that this means PARENTS AND TEACHERS  - not kids, last year the girls had to entertain themselves running up and down the hallway, quietly of course.

This year we got Nana to come and have a sleep over.

With Nana in town we also took the chance to go out for dinner sans kids for the first time in a gazillion years. We had no destination booked and no exact plans.

Then we both remembered the restaurant that we drive past nearly every day and say one day we should go there.

It was fancy inside, one of those places that pride themselves on being all things red meat.

It could have been called Feed the Man Meat cafe. Which is good as that would be Mr H's dream restaurant.

So we ordered our preferred meals and the waitress asked Mr H which of the sauces he would like to accompany his meat, she also said the meals come with chips and salad or baked spud and veggies. He mixed it up and had spuds and salad, as did I to go with my salmon fillet.

Food was glorious. There were no children in the whole restaurant. We had free babysitting.

Then the bill came and we had a little laugh.

The pepper gravy on the steak - that is an extra $5, the salad side dish of lettuce garnish, another $7...we stopped looking, laughed and paid, but basically Mr H had steak and salad for the bargain price of $67.00!

We finished the night at another restaurant along the river near us. They had a dessert menu...and the cheesecake is history.


  1. Oh I hate it when they do that!

    1. I never knew they did! Must change my eating out habits to make them more frequent.

  2. The fancy ones do that. In my home town a couple of the local pubs (nothing too flash) are serving 5 meals like steak, chips and salad for $10. The plate is full and my Nanna and Pop think its fantastic for lunch. I know not as nice as your steak probably was but its a meal out that everyone can afford. I like that. (Plus you can spend the difference on drinks!)

    1. Fancy can be overrated. A $10 meal is great, it really means you can go out more. I would be thrilled with that!


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