Friday, February 26, 2016

Impressed by Kale. Really.

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Life gets dull if you don’t take a little look at how you’re living sometimes. It’s silly to think that what you’re doing right now, how you’re living, can’t be improved just a little with a slight change here or there.

I don’t make new years resolutions but I do write down some little changes that I am going to make a few times a year.

Last year I decided to listen to a wider variety of radio stations. Why? Because if you don’t flick around the stations, you only hear one type of opinion, and that opinion can slowly become yours.

At first I rolled my eyes at what I had to listen to, with both commentators, callers and music choices, but after a few months I found I was producing less eye rolls and had a greater acceptance of why some people might like to listen to a certain station (just not all the time!)

This year I decided to give up soft drink and hot chips.  The soft drink isn’t really a big deal. I’ve been a big fan of the marketing for ReThink Sugary drink, I picture the drink in my head as a glass of lard and just prefer not to drink it. There is just no reason to tip that stuff into your body. For me, it becomes much harder to abstain when I go for a social drinkie. 

If I am not drinking alcohol, I’ll always pick lemonade or a coke and if I am drinking alcohol, soft drinks are often mixed in…Pimms and lemonade anyone?

When the Impressed Juices team asked me about any changes I was planning to make this year, I thought maybe I could replace the soft drink for a healthy juice option instead.

Let’s be very honest here.
1) I will never own a nutribullet and make my own juices.
2) I still think the best green smoothie is a Midori and Lemonade
3) I don’t believe in kale.

But Impressed Juices had me at totally ‘Australian made’ and that they are offered at a price point I think is very reasonable (I am also of the thinking that any type of Franchise Juice bar is a total rip off) so I was happy to check these new juices out.

The juices arrived at my door and I instantly saw the word kale on one of the bottles and must admit there was more eye rolling.  But I opened up my Summer Greens drink, drank it down and then had another one just to make sure I liked it. It's fantastic. Perhaps my bias against kale means I've been missing out on good stuff???

The next day I opened the Berry Beets and tried to get Miss 10 to drink some. She refused to let it pass her lips. Miss 7 wouldn’t even hold the bottle. Mr H had a few sips and asked if he really had to drink the rest. The beetroot juice just wasn’t going down well at all. So I took them to work to try out with some of my team.

They all said good things, it contains carrots, pears, beetroot, cucumber, strawberry and blueberries, which is an amazing way to get your fruit and veg for the day. My work mates drank their full bottles worth. I let them have a taste of my Kale Juice to compare flavours, but they all preferred the Berry Beets the most.

Over the next fortnight Mr H and I actually fought over who was drinking the Ginger Ninja juice, a delicious orange, carrot, ginger concoction.  One night I tried it with a splash of vodka, just to test it out. It didn’t really work, this juice is best left on it’s own or served over ice. 

It was also the favourite for the kids, not that I think most kids will want this, the flavours are more grown up, unless your kids drink fancy stuff a lot more than mine do (highly possible).

I’d started out thinking Impressed Juices would be a way to substitute for when I desired a soft drink, but it didn’t. Instead, it has started to become my breakfast on the go.  I work three days a work and have a long commute after I drop the kids, it’s the perfect time to drink one of my Impressed Juices. I throw it in my handbag and feel as though I have started the day better off, it also means I am not looking for a muffin at 10am to go with a hot chocolate.

The thing with Impressed Juices is, once you’ve drunk one, kale and all, your insides feel happy. It’s like giving your internal workings a nice big hug and after a few days, you want that feeling every day. I ended up relaxing on a weekend with my book and my juice and I really started missing them when my trial drinks run out. Lucky, all I had to do was throw them into the trolley on my next shop, and bingo, breakfast is now sorted when I am running out the door.

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  1. I love those Impressed Juices. They are in the trolley every week. So tasty..(and I feel healthy drinking them)

  2. I am a journalist and my schedule is so hectic. That’s why I never get proper diet as per my requirements. One of my friends suggested me to take Green energy drinks. Please advise me something on those drinks as well if they are safe enough.

  3. I love these drinks too. I find them so refreshing.


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