Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where it's at: October 2015.

When the blogging mojo has left the building, there is only one thing a girl can do.
Steal ideas from Woogsworld.
So here goes, for October 2015 this is the lay of the land at Casa Huey.

Making : Lunches for school every night and not once stressing about them in the morning as we do the run/dance/shuffle out the door to school.
Cooking : Whatever is on the menu from Hello Fresh. I keep meaning to tell you all about this. I don't meal plan or shop for our evening meal anymore. No mumma got time for that. Instead, all the fresh food and the recipe cards are delivered to me on a Monday and we eat what they tell us to cook for the rest of the week
Drinking : not enough water.
Reading:  'My Grammar and I (or is that and me)' because there will forever be things in the English language that I have to check, especially when I write for work projects.
Looking: forward to the future with happiness.
Playing: Itunes Radio and listening to random songs like Lenny Kravitz...cos it aint over til it's oooooveeeerrrrrr.
Deciding: That getting a cleaner is no longer to be discussed, it is to be organised.
Wishing: Probably for too much, but mainly for will power. 
Enjoying: The Sun. Some days I think I am like a plant that only survives in the tropics. I need sunshine 
Wondering: What will happen to all those people fleeing Syria. 
Loving: How happy Arabella has been after her Day Camps at school. 
Pondering: Blog writing, how I miss it, how it's a very selfish past time, but one I want to find time to do more of again and that perhaps I should do my write everyday in May again - but you know, not in May, but in November, or maybe December.
Considering: Getting Christmas shopping done before the end of November.
Buying: Not the dress I want, because it's still not available
Watching: SUITS - I even had to pay for Netflix as I am totally addicted. You all probably watched it years ago, but I am just catching up. So happy to have found this show.
Hoping: my family continue with good health. Always.
Cringing: At my white legs.
Questioning: If I can write a blog at work and then come home and write another one.
Smelling: Fresh sheets, dried in the sun. No dryer will ever beat that smell
Wearing: Not that dress.
Noticing: That I don't seem to care about kids messy bedrooms so much anymore.
Knowing: I am not going to have Christmas sorted by November.
Thinking: About the idea of swimming lessons for myself.
Admiring: The Doers. I always love those people, the ones who just get everything done.
Disliking: Like and Share to Win Posts on Facebook. 
Opening: Too many packets of chocolate
Giggling: At my kids stories. 
Feeling: Better
Snacking: Too often.
Hearing: Different podcasts. It's good to randomly listen to things that I would never usually hear. Apparently it makes me smarter. 
Needing: A cleaner

I cut a few out, no point leaving them in when I had nothing to really say. 
Have you watched Suits? Were you able to stop at just one episode per day? 

*Random photo of Marty the sheep, just because we love him. A lot. 

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  1. There is nothing wrong with being inspired (not stealing) idea from other blogs, goodness knows I have.
    Infact I like this so much, I may do a blog post similar to this on my blog (hope you don't mind, and it wont be any time soon).


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