Friday, May 29, 2015

Don’t be a candle snob.

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I have many times confessed to be a lover of candles and while I am not super proud of it, I am also a bit of a candle snob.  Or a smell snob as I once called it. 

Even in my bio, over there on the right hand top of this page (not if you are reading in email or on your phone) but it says ‘fan of good smells’. Because I love good smelly things. I can remember days by their smell, so powerful are they to me.

Last week Miss 9 asked if I could get her a thermos for school lunches, she loves soup, mainly pumpkin, and asked to take some to school. Of course I said yes and then I made some soup and added in a few sneaky vegetables. Including broccoli. I forgot, that broccoli is NOT a good smell to have in a school classroom.

The poor thing opened that soup thermos up and within seconds some kids with screwed up faces had asked “What is that smell????” it was instantly closed and she went hungry rather then stink out her classmates.  Because a stinky lunch can be hard to live down in Grade 3.

I have promised not to hide vegetables in her lunch again.

It’s different at home, because I had been sent a new candle to try from AirWick. I must admit I hadn’t tried them before. I hadn’t even looked at them. I thought AirWick was more bathroom clean smells, not living room smells.

But the candle I got was called Lemonade Stand and it’s really really nice. I had it burning in the kitchen and no one had complained about the stinky broccoli smell because it was hidden. This is one home fragrance that you want, especially when visitors drop by.

It’s not an awful bouquet of rose smell, or lily of the valley, or grandma’s posy. It’s light and citrus and fresh and modern.

It’s going to save Mr H a fortune! My candle habit had started to get a little

expensive, because the more of them you burn, the more of them you have to buy, and when you are being a candle snob, that doesn’t come with a supermarket price tag.

Good books and good smells are my weakness! 

One of the other AirWick candles is called Fluffy Linen which sounds like a smell I want! I am going to grab it this week, because the lemonade stand is not going to last long at my current burning rates!

Did you ever get sent to school with a stinky lunch?
What’s the best smell around your place these days?


  1. I think I'd like the lemon! I'm due for some new candles, there's something little boys and a house that's had 3 wee ones in it that means my house doesn't always smell like roses! Have a great weekend!

  2. What perfect timing, I am a smell snob too, my Jo Malone candles have now burnt away to nothing (they were gorgeous xmas prezzies) and I was having trouble justifying going to buy more...popping into the supermarket to check out the Fluffy Linen...just the name sounds great...x

    1. I am jealous of your Jo Malone candles! What a treat. Let me know what you think of the fluffy linen...will it smell as good as it sounds?

  3. egg sandwiches.. oh my god I used to curse my mum. I must give these candles a try because I am going broke with my candle snobbery lol xx

  4. I need one of these candles, my son is still in nappies....TERRIBLE!

    1. Nappy days sure do need extra candles...promise it will be over soon though.


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