Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What do you do for a big birthday celebration when you are a grown up?

Remember once upon a time when you imagined being really really old. Like when you might turn 40. You might have thought about how enormous your party might be if you got THAT old.  You would of course have heaps of money by then, especially compared to when you were 21, at uni and had to rely on your parents for the entire party that you wanted.

This year I am turning 40.

I have had so many ideas of what I might like to do to celebrate such a big event. The idea of not celebrating is not possible. I know some people decide to secretly let the big birthday events slide by, but I just can't. Life is too short not to sing badly and ask your friends to join you for food every few years.

But now the event is nearly here, I just can not decide on what to do.

Should I host a big party at home and invite every friend and family I have? Or a fancy restaurant perhaps with a few really close friends? Then there is the option to take a trip away, I could grab the husband and kids and go somewhere we would all have a nice break away, maybe even a weekend with some close girlfriends?

Perhaps I just make it a big festival and do all these things? But even if I did, which restaurant, where do we holiday and who wants to come away for a weekend with me?

Being a grown up means you have to be serious much much more. There are more bills to pay, kids with teeth that need to be straightened and cheap beer is no longer my preferred bevvie of choice. But then again, you only get one life, you only turn 40 once and you can't party when your gone.

What did you do for your last big bash? Do you celebrate your own birthday? Wanna come to my party?


  1. I haven't had a birthday party since I was a kid, so when I turn 40 I'm determined to actually do something! Anything! I think it's good to sit back and really think about what you'll enjoy - at 40, there's no pressure to have a big thing just because it's the done thing. So, do you like big parties? Or do you prefer a few smaller things? What's going to make for a really good time for you?

  2. So I figure you either have a big bash, which could cost $1000s or use the money to go overseas to do something you want. Or save for a rainy day. How exciting really - good luck with the planning! x

  3. I couldn't decide either so I did all the things! Went on a love weekend away with the hubster, hired a minibus and had a day trip to the Hunter Valley with a bus load of my mates and had a big fat party too. I totally hedged my bets and loved it all. It was totally a festival of 40 and far and away my best birthday yet!

  4. Ooh going away to an island holiday with little ones totally made my 40th something special. I think the stress and organising for a big bash was one of the main things turning me against it. How exciting to be making the choice!!

    1. I think this sounds like a great option too, and no cleaning up.

  5. You are NOT getting away without a bash of some description - an island holiday will have to be part of the larger celebrations. I will insist on drinking all the red wine in the land with you. By the way, I just love that pic of you two - gorgeous.

  6. Miss Clairey, you must have a celebration of 40 years on the planet. I loved celebrating my 40th with my family and friends. We hired a hotel in Kensington, put on a band and danced the night away. It was not expense at all.
    Anyway what you do, make such I am invited. Pretty please!

  7. Festival of Clairey, for sure!
    I'm having a series of events; Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on my actual birthday, a dinner with my favourite champagne/food/people a few days later, weekend away with girlfriends and a tropical island holiday sans kids.
    BUT the biggest thing I am doing is changing leaving work at the end of the year and going back to full time study to become a chef!
    40 - man, it changes your life!

  8. Ohh decisions, decisions!
    I would do it all!
    I am 40 next year and am hoping to do it all.

  9. Do all the things! Why the hell not? We put so much effort into kids birthdays and I just don't understand why it becomes any less important as you get older? The day my son was born will forever remain the most important and special day of my life & I never want to forget or stop celebrating that! So good ahead and celebrate you, celebrate 40 years of living cause you deserve it, we all do!

  10. Do it all Claire.. I am! Family holiday to NZ at Easter, extravagant restaurant lunch on my birthday, extended family drinks party at home, long winery lunch with friends, sunny long weekend with the girls and even treating myself to a bit of bling..! We've been largely selfless since our kids were born and you only turn 40 once, so go for it!


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