Monday, March 16, 2015

The More Diet

It has come to my attention lately that I have been a little of what some might call a glutton.

The type of person who readily goes for the second (or third) cream bun when one was sufficient. It’s an easy trap to fall into because cream buns and cheese platters are very very tasty and they make me feel very very good. I truly believe I can eat my way through any occasion.

So I have now devised myself a new regime which shall begin the Monday after next (approximately). I am calling the new regime The More Diet. It will consist of five simple things that I must do more of, but none of them will require real exercise.

1) More Sleep.

I just don’t get enough and I am the only one to blame. I wake tired and drag myself through the day. Real studies (not the type in Cleo magazine) actually prove that people who don’t get enough sleep put on more weight then those who do. I am not sure if this is because when you are asleep there is less chance you will be eating the marshmallows from the pantry, but either way, I am going to give it a whirl.

2) More Water.  

How easy is it to just drink some water? It’s everywhere, requires no effort and keeps you hydrated. Not drinking enough water is just stupid. Dehydration can make you tired (see above) and there is no benefit to drinking sugary drinks. Drinking water also means you eat when you are hungry rather then eating when you might just need a drink.

3) More Laughing.

Surrounding yourself with fun people, playing with the kids, laughing at more jokes, watching funny stuff on YouTube, going out with friends who really make you happy and watching some comedy movies all help increase the happy laughter in your life.  When you are happy your body releases happy hormones through out your body. Unlike sad hormones, the happy ones don’t need feeding. They make you want to move and be busy and dance about. The sad ones, they like to be fed processed food, to drink wine and to lay on the couch. The sad hormones should really be called the 'make you fat' hormones, because that is what they do. The happy hormones that come from just making yourself smile will kill those sad bastards and stop you eating.

4) More Breakfast

You have heard it a gazillion times. Skipping breakfast does not make a slimmer you. Muffins are not bread, not even blueberry ones, so eating them at morning tea at work, the ones with cream cheese icing on them, well, that just isn’t going to help. I just need to eat breakfast. No excuses. I might just have to Eat what the kids are eating. And I'll leave the muffins –  they are always stale anyway.

5) More Walks with Friends

I have a couple of friends close by and every now and then when it’s time to catch up with one of them I suggest a walk around the river. It’s more of a stroll then a power walk, but the alternative is coffee and sitting down, and a teeny little bit of orange cake. Every time I walk with one of these ladies I feel so much better for making the effort. Together we solve the problems of the world as we stroll, the time goes really quickly and rather then feeling like exercise, the catch up feels like a treat. Adding in an extra friends catch up each week is going to make it even easier to add more Laughter into my week too…it’s just a win/win/win situation.

That's it. I may have devised the easiest glutton proof diet every invented. It's just five easy things to do more of to improve your health. Surely it's going to work, how could it not? 

There are no guarantees that this diet will lead to any weight loss at all. 


  1. Excellent! All aboard the MORE Train. There are good times ahead.

  2. Thats the best diet I have ever seen. More sleep here please...

  3. I do good with breakfast, could do with more water, WAY more sleep and actually make time to laugh more. I'm joining you in this! x

  4. Sounds like a plan - water and good breakfast - definite - more laughing - absolutely as long as it isn't while eating a kebab :-)

  5. water and more sleep - I'll add those - pretty okay with everything else INCLUDING eating too many cream buns, I love cream buns - I love cream anything...I wonder if there is a cream diet...


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