Sunday, December 14, 2014

Letter to the world - fifth edition

Hello world. It’s my yearly blog post time, which means just one single thing. I am a year older.

The year of five was flat out. I started school and left Mum home on her own all week. This was the first time in eight years that she had time to herself. The question to ask is, exactly what did she do with that time? I don’t know the answer, but by the end of the year Mum got herself a personal trainer, that wasn’t so much fun because she complained a lot about having sore legs, then arms and then she ended up crawling on the floor unable to walk when she hurt her back. Anyway, that was the end of personal training.

Earlier in the year I got whooping cough. Mum didn’t talk about it here because she couldn’t be bothered with the conversations about vaccinations. I was lucky, I had been vaccinated so my cough wasn’t as bad as some of the babies who haven’t had their needles. I also got to sleep with Mum and Dad for two months because the whoops are really bad at night time. Mum and Dad said it was like having a new baby in the house again, but it didn’t seem like that to me, I would love to have a baby sister. I ask for one every week, but still there is no baby here.

One day I split my chin open when I fell up the step at school and I needed a trip to be stuck back together and then I split the back of my skull open on my bedhead. That was an interesting Saturday night at the emergency doctor, they used my hair to tie my skin in place and lots and lots of glue. Everyone wanted to look at it.

Other than injury I have also been very busy dancing my way through the year. I have done disco dancing at school and I can sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Japanese. I was probably the bestest ballerina on stage at my dance concert, that’s what Nana told me.

When I grow up I am still going to be a vet to baby animals. I am not so sure about fish anymore though. When we went to Singapore, Mum and I went in the giantist reef you have seen, it was good for a bit, but those fish came a bit close to me and I had to go on Mums back for the next 50 metres around the reef. Mum’s snorkel kept filling up with water when I was pushing on her head. I don’t think Mum liked it very much, she seemed happy to reach the end.

It took awhile but I have mastered the art of scooter riding and now I’ve got it, I really like scootering very very fast. So fast, that my leg sometimes aches the next day from too much scootering.

Being five has been pretty good for me, I went on an overseas trip for the first time and got a passport. Then I went to all the worlds in Queensland. Plus I climbed some really big mountains when Dad took us bushwalking. I learnt to read so fast that I surprised everyone when I just started reading big girl books with no pictures.  I even have days now when I don’t insist on wearing a dress. I still LOVE playing with my baby dolls and my toys, I love making cakes, but only if I get to lick the spoon AND the bowl. Actually I don’t even really want the cake., just the mixture. Actually, isn’t this just what ‘raw food’ is…cake mixture?

I don’t know everything yet, but if being six is as good as being five, the year ahead is going to be awesome. I am going to have swimming lessons again, I might start karate, I will have a think about riding my bike without training wheels.  I will be climbing trees and swinging off monkey bars, wearing out all of my shoes faster than I can grow out of them.

I have been five for a really really long time so come on down six, I am ready and waiting to explore every second you got.


  1. 5 sounds like it was awesome. Bring on six. I've heard it's pretty cool tool.

  2. Lovely post Claire - enjoyed the read. Mrs PeeDee

  3. OMG she really is the splitting image of you hun. What a gorgeous girl you have xx


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