Thursday, November 13, 2014

The BIG Giving Giveaway 2014

Once again I am running my one and only Christmas giveaway post. The giveaway with a difference.

Each item mentioned in this post has happily agreed to provide me with a giveaway item to review. One to giveaway to a reader, AND a third item to giveaway to a charity/person of my choice this Christmas. That was the condition sent to every PR who asked me to write about their products this Christmas, just like last year, as soon as I asked for a third item to give to a charity, most companies decided not to continue. However - Social Media for social good, well it feels good, so I am not budging on my terms for this post.

There will be four prizes in total to win, so let's just get straight into it.

Prize One: Tickets to Disney Live: 

Win ONE family pass for Friday 9th Jan 2015, 1pm performance. IN MELBOURNE.

Tickets are Valued at $155/family pass (4 tickets).

For more details on Disney on Ice tickets around the country check here

Prize Two: Sparkly Warkly Pack

This is a gorgeous pack! It will include; 

1) Forever Clover Gift Pack

Remember swap cards. Of course you do. They were fantastic and they are on the way back. But of course they come with more of a twist and these ones have an entire book series to match them. We had some friends from school come over and play swap cards, we also swapped a few books around so that each of the girls could read about the Forever Clover girls. These are great books for girls aged around 6-9, particularly those that are happy to never read another book about fairies.  

Sandy Feet Australia sells bathers that are going to last more than one week of swimming lessons in designs that grown ups want to wear too. With a cut that keeps in mind that children (including girls) are active little beings the Sandy Feet Australia togs are not skimpy little numbers. The cross over back on the girls bikini and tankini stops them having to worry about straps falling off. You will be able to decide what you want from the store and it will be sent directly to you. My girls modelled their outfits over on Instagram too.

3. 'Lil Fairy Doors. 
We received a 'Lil Fairy Door. Just the one. It was instantly the cause of a fight as the girls discussed who would get to have the door in their room. Miss 8 is an excellent negotiator and tried every argument she had to get it in her room. In the end, it is in my room and will be used to bribe them for a few weeks until I get a new one from the online shop.

4) Milky Foot and Spotner
Have you tried the Milky Foot? If not, do your feet a favour and get them milky this summer. It's a small luxury for feet that spend their days running around after everyone else. When you can't indulge in a full on regular foot treatment, you can do a Milky Foot at home instead.  Spotner is a new cream that works on age spots. Thankfully age spots are not my biggest concern right now, but this 'pen' means you can just dab it on, not rub yet another cream all over you.

5) Little Live Pets Butterflies. 
Colourful and flappy, these butterflies are both a cute decoration for a room and something to play with. They flap differently depending on how much interaction they get. 

Prize Three: Tickets to Thriller Live

Want to see this fabulous new show?

I have a double pass worth $179.80 for Wednesday 28 January 2015.  
You and a friend could be off to the theatre for a sing and a dance.

For more information on where to see this show, check ticketmaster.

Prize Four:  Flippy Flappy Happy Pack

Prize Pack Four is filled with lots of little gems. If you win this pack you will receive. 

1) Thomas Track Master Set. 
This includes the Water Tower Starter Set and a Raceway Expansion Pack. 

2) DVD of Thomas the Tank Engine Movie, Tale of the Brave. This is a great movie that every little Thomas fan will enjoy. At 70 minutes long, it's more than the standard tv show version of Thomas, but not too long that little people can't sit through the whole thing. 

3) Evans and Hall
This online business was new to me, but Evans and Hall has some really really nice stuff. It is filled with stationery and classy products that are just a little bit different, just a little bit nicer than the other stuff you see, just a little bit better. This pack includes a box of Science Flash Cards. The cards are a delightful way for kids to learn and chat about the world around them, thick cards, stunning images. You will love them. 

4) DVD  - The trip to Italy
Mr H and I sat down the other night and watched this DVD. It's like a funny documentary. With two men, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, taking a road trip and eating their way around Italy, there are lots of little one liners in this film, but stay focused, it moves fast, when you think nothing is happening you miss another great line.

4) Milky Foot and Spotner
Just like in Pack Two, this will be added to pack four too! 

5)  Australia Post Shop
When you are heading to the post office to buy all your Christmas card stamps, take a look around what is on the shelves. There are heaps of toys and items for kids gifts. You know when you don't want to spend a lot but you also don't want to just buy more junk? This is what you need. The WoodWorx packs have great little options and both my girls did them WITH NO HELP. The book packs are excellent value, you will not get better priced books then these, I buy a few ever year. There are even slinkies! 


Phew, that took a while to get through, but it is totally worth it. I have the most amazing pack of all these items that I am able to give away this Christmas to a family in need. And that feels good, it feels really good.

A huge thank you to all the businesses taking part above. Click on their links and take a look around.


To enter to win one of the above prizes you need to do ONE thing. 

LEAVE A COMMENT on this blog post OR on a facebook post that links to this post (on my facebook page) You must also leave me an email address or a twitter handle or an instagram handle so that I can contact you. 

Simply tell me which prize you would like to win and why. Or, if you would like the prize to be a surprise for someone you know who might really need a little surprise, tell me that too. 

That's all. 

Comments Close on November 30.
Winners will be chosen by Team Huey and the decision will be final. 
No payment was received from any of the products in this list.



  1. Wow, all the prizes look fantastic. And good on you for sticking to your guns when it comes to having a prize for charity!
    I think I would love prize pack four the most because there is something for almost everyone in my extended family and I would love to share my prize with all of them.

    :) Deb - twocheekymonkeys at live dot com

  2. Wow you have been busy!

    I would love any of the above prizes. Except the Thriller prize pack. Never really a fan of Michael Jackson. More a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse these days. Would love to take miss 6 to see Snow White glide around the stage.

  3. I'd love to win the sparkley warkley for my nieces. They would love the Fairey door and my sister will love the bathers! Thanks clairey!

  4. We would love to win the flippy flappy happy pack! My boys would go nuts for everything in that one! What an awesome giveaway!!

  5. We would love the Sparkly Warkley prize. Great giveaway! My email is

  6. What an awesome giveaway again this year! Thanks for hosting it! I would like the Disney Live tickets. my twitter is: @danniellecresp

  7. I LOVE that you have done this giveaway again this year, but a little disappointed to see that the volume of prizes is down from last year - meaning that there were less opportunities to pass along something awesome from wonderful brands to a great cause. Your prizes are terrific, and any of them would be wonderful for my family with the exception of the Thriller prize - and only because we will have returned from our annual January Melbourne trip by then so won't be able to make it! It's a great little collection of goodies in the bundles that I know my little ones would love to share xx
    If you are on the look out for great causes to share the joy with, Banardo's does wonderful work with children who don't have stable homes, or providing a respite program for kids who are in foster care, I know they would love your bundles.
    Twitter @MummyHearts

  8. Wow, what an awesome giveaway.. Thanks CH!! Well I would have to pick no. 2 sparkly warkly.. Not only for its cute giveaway name, but for my two princesses. Esp B2 as she was a very gracious little 4yr watching her big sister get very spoilt today. Very proud and her and she deserves a little suprise!!

  9. We would love to win the Flippy Flappy Happy Pack, it has a lovely gift for all four of my kids AND me. I particularly love the books, they would be tead over and over again in our home.
    I have been wanting to try the Milky Foot treatment but was scared off by the hefty price tag.
    Twitter @simonefranssen

  10. Pack #4 would make me a hero - literally something for everyone, including me which would be just lovely.


  11. My friend is a single mum of 2 girls and would love prize pack 2 for them for Christmas as she is can't afford anything like this
    Thanks Emma

  12. For a family of girls, Pack Two would be a lovely treat. My girls at 4 and 7 just love all things fairies and cutesie. The swap cards and fairy door would occupy them for hours. Play acting and admiring the cards, then copying the pictures would keep them colouring for hours. The Sandy Feet Australia outfit would be so handy. Living in the country where indoor pools are over 100 kms away, the outdoor pool is our only option. A long sleeve rashie is a must. I would love to invest in these for the girls. And of course the prize has me covered too. Bringing back my feet to being soft and looking acceptable for wearing summer sandals. (

  13. Wow, there are some beautiful items in the packs above!
    I would most enjoy the Disney Live tickets as I have three young daughters who all love Disney.
    As my husband was put off work late last year and hasn't been able to find work since, this year our Christmas budget has decreased by a lot. If I won this, it would be a beautiful gift to our girls, and as the girls will be on school holidays when the Disney Live show is on, it would work out perfectly. Thanks so much for the chance. My email is

  14. Well... I don't live in Melbourne or have young children but if I won a prize I would donate it to a Christmas charity... probably a Melbourne one of your choice Clairey:) I like the look of the Sparkly Warkly pack!

  15. Oops

  16. Oh you are such a beautiful lady, dear Clairey...I love the spirit of this giveaway. Kindness itself...I would be chuffed for the Sparkely Warkley to come my way...because as Grandma to 3 little girls aged between 18 months and 5 years, their Christmas bag from us grandparents would bring some beauty, imaginative play and joy. Love, Denyse xx

  17. Ah Claire - what a hard choice with all these incredible options. I'd love to raise my hand for the Disney on Ice prize. Nothing makes Miss 3's eyes light up more than Snow White and the wicked witch (the element of danger in most fairy tales thrills her to bits, often I have to re-read the wicked parts), she's requested a princess-covered bicycle (which I cleverly spotted at an op shop last month) and continually links every meaning in life back to a fairy tale...was that a troll mum? as we go over each bridge with extreme caution, you look like Cinderella mum (as I'm down on my hands and knees rubbing off porridge spills under her chair), do you think there are wolves in that forest?? (as we drive past a few trees in the evening in the depths of Malvern). I would also love to surprize a dear friend and her cherub of a boy who I know has had to cancel an incredible treat for him due to a hip injury she's injuring at the moment. I would take her on my family pass as I know it would simply blow her mind (as she loves performing/dancing) and his little mind (as he's mesmerised by fairy tales). Thanks for the chance and for running a comp with so much heart. Pip x

    1. oops - and ;)

    2. And if you are looking for some kids who would be mind-blown by a ticket to see Disney on Ice please consider the younger group of challenged country kids coming to Doxa City Camps in their primary school years - - I know they'd be given to some kids who deserve it.

  18. Ooohhh Disney Live pretty please!!!! My princess and Mickey Mouse obsessed children would just adore going to that. I think it looks a lot of fun myself actually, but don't spread that around. Sshh! @escapewithkids

  19. We'll miss Clairey, I have been thinking about your fabulous prizes today. I as I spoke with a wonderful friend, I remembered her passion for Michael Jackson. So I would like to nominate her for this amazing prize.
    I won't and can't go into many of the details, but this year my friend *Jane* was forced to take stress leave from work, due to the enormous demands placed on her from a colleague. To the point, this women bought a dog and named it after my friend. This stress leave took its course through many legal and medical departments. Finally after all this time, my friend has returned to work after eight months off. This colleague had finally been given the boot after tormenting two other women at the same work place. Both had resigned due to the pressure. My friend stuck it out and finally won the battle.
    Back in 1982 when thriller came out my friend and her sister we're we're rocking the dance for listening to Michael Jackson and Madonna at the Chevron. They still love it today. Even though they are not a charity, I know they would be stocked to see this act. It would also make her year finish on a wonderful thrilling end!

  20. Ps- I need one of those fairy doors too. That site looks gorgeous. What a great invention.

  21. Great Christmas giveaway Clairey, Prize 4. Something each for my kids and some for the school Christmas hampers that will be donated to St. Vincent DePaul.

  22. Good on you for giving gifts to those who need it. I would like to enter to win the Sparkly Warkly Pack please: Get me on twitter - @thehungrymum

  23. I Love the look of prize pack two for my girl Lulu. She often feels out numbered in a house with two brothers and whilst I don't like to favour any of my children, I do believe they all deserve to feel a little extra special from time to time and this would certainly help. Along with lots of hugs and conversation of course!

  24. Thank you for the opportunity. What a fantastic giveaway - so many great prizes and I love the spirit of it Claire! I would love to win the Flippy Flappy Pack - my son asked for a train track on his Christmas wish list and it would be awesome for "Santa" to be able to deliver this for him. (@KymCampradt)

  25. Love your approach to these giveaways. I would love to win the Disney Live family pass - our boy will be 21 months by then and should be ready to enjoy it, and I KNOW our 4.5yo will! She has recently discovered Minnie Mouse and adores her. Thanks for hosting the giveway.

  26. Cos its a thriller….thriller night….There is nothing like a revival of some Michael Jackson dancing to make you happy. i haven't been to the theatre in so long and this prize would be a wonderful outing for me and hubster. Ill embarrass him with my singing..ha ha!!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter...

  27. I would love to win Prize Four: Flippy Flappy Happy Pack as a surprise for my friend because i totally love the way he is raising his only son with minimum screen time. His son loves to read books and play with toys and watches only half an hour of tv in the whole week and sometimes none.
    I really appreciate that they are putting in so much effort to raise such a child who has love for books,outdoors and toys and this gift will make christmas more happy for their son.

  28. I would love to win Prize Two: Sparkly Warkly Pack for my 9 year old niece, who has worked so hard at school this year and I would love to reward her for her efforts.

  29. I'd love pack 4, every year we adopt a family and do up a Christmas hamper. My kids are not the right ages for pack 4, they have enough already, they know they will get a surprise from Santa anyway), and they love getting the hamper ready with me. I would love to win this pack as I could do up a hamper for a family where these prizes would suit, if they don't come in time for this Christmas I'd store them for next year. 🌲⛄️❄️

  30. I have to agree all the prizes amazing, I would be delighted with any of them, sooo taking into account my kids and ages the Disney on Ice.
    It would be a whole new experience for them and a change to see something amazing.

  31. Flippy Flappy Happy Pack because it's filled with things for the whole family! I've got my eye on the Milky Foot and Spotner :D

  32. A fairy door, what a surprise.
    My little girl, would love it, eyes wide!
    Pretending to enter, imagine the stories,
    She would definitely be in her glory.
    Magic happens as you enter, wow!
    Fairies, elves , princesses to bow.
    Would be lovely to play
    a fairy door to stay :)

  33. Things have been a bit tight this year. If I won I would choose pack 2 to pop under the Kmart wishing tree. A tradition that I have done for years. Thank you for the chance

  34. An unexpected night out would be such a treat so Pack Three: "THRILLER LIVE" please.
    And it would make up for the Rolling Stones cancelling on us!... ;)
    Instagram @JBMarigold

  35. I would love the Flippy Flappy Happy Pack. It looks like hours of fun for the WHOLE family including mum and dad!

  36. Goodness, what great prizes, and so hard to pick! But I think I'd have to choose Prize 2: The Sparkly Warkly Pack, as my 7-yr-old desperately wants to keep believing in fairies and I'd love for her to have the fairy door.

  37. I would seriously love to win Prize Four: Flippy Flappy Happy Pack because it has something for all my family - our 3-yr-old son is already besotted with Thomas and all things 'train', my daughter loves making things with the Wood Worx craft packs, and my hubby and I have been wanting to see The Trip to Italy so that would be great for us! He's getting retrenched so we don't plan on spending a lot of money this Christmas so this would be very helpful and lovely if we win.

  38. The Sparkly Warkly Pack - because I would love to give my Mum the fairy door for her fairy garden. She has built this gorgeous garden for her grandchildren and this would add a special touch

  39. Prize Two: Sparkly Warkly Pack - a delightful girly pack to share between my gorgeous three girls!

  40. Great prizes! Prize four, Flippy Flappy Happy Pack looks perfect to me as I can see something for all my little people plus a few others in there!

  41. I love all the packs (not at all greedy!!!), but Pack 4 really takes my fancy as there is something for everyone and more, even great-grandma could share in this pack!

  42. I love Pack 2, plenty of stuff in there for my girls, what a great giveaway! Wish I could go for No 1 or 3 but we live in Darwin so no chance of getting there :(

  43. All of these prizes are amazing. Your decision to help the community shows that you are not in it for yourself - sometimes overlooked. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I would love an opportunity for any of these items for a family who are having a tough time at the moment.

    Thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas.

  44. We'd love the Flippy Flappy Happy Pack, because that's exactly what my 2 ASD boys would do if Thomas and new books showed up at our door. The girls would also love the Science cards and Wood worx pack, and a DVD for me would mean I'd have a pressie under the tree as well. Well done on sticking to your guns and helping out charities.

  45. omg, so many awesome prizes, there are going to be some happy people this Christmas. I'd love to win the Disney Live tickets for my girls, so that they can feel a bit of the Disney magic while they are young. Maybe this way they won't make complete jerks of themselves if they ever get to disneyworld as adults, like I did. Dreamed of going since I was 4, pretty much acted that age when I got there - eek! (

  46. Thank you for such a great prize pack. we love trains and books in our family so pack 4 would be Perfect!
    Merry christmas

  47. Wow!! What Awesome Prizes, I would love to win the Flippy Flappy Happy Pack the kids would be busy for hours on end with this great pack and keep my children's minds of the fact our rental property is being sold so we are trying to save for our own stable home to purchase so we will be having a quite budget saving christmas this year!! Thank you for the chance to enter this fantastic competition :)

  48. Whoever won were so lucky! I love Prize two looks super pretty! :)

    With lots of love from the North Pole,
    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World


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