Monday, November 25, 2013

Imogen turns four: A Christmas Birthday Party

Last year Imogen turned four and decided that she wanted a Christmas themed birthday party. I wrote about how I was planning the party but I never did a post on her actual party.

This year I was looking for some ideas for another Christmas function and I was searching for my post on Immy's party, when I realised I never got around to writing it up. So please forgive me for writing this post totally for our families memories. This blog is often our 'scrap book' of special events and there is a special event missing.

Having a Christmas themed birthday party was an excellent idea. The house was already festive and needed no further decorations.

With a handful of four year olds over to play we pretty much just left them to run around and do what they do best. Squeal, dance and play. They danced to Christmas Carols and played musical statues.

I served up a Christmas Tree Cake:

 And easy fun Christmas biscuits.

There were other really easy Christmas treats that required no recipes and no spending hours and hours trying to get them right.

If you have someone in your family that has a birthday close to Christmas, then the Christmas themed party is simple and really quite fun.

Every children's party I host, the fruit is always the first to go, and this party was no different.

Candy Canes were used to decorate the table and they were actually all still there at the end of the party.

Many of the things I used for this party we already had, I didn't have to go and buy many new things and I used the same cutters for different things - the Christmas Tree cookie cutters were great for sandwiches and for watermelon, which I froze and used a cake pop stick to make watermelon icy poles.

I didn't worry about putting lolly bags together either, I gave each child a Christmas stocking of treats instead. JUST TOO EASY. You can buy a huge range of Christmas stockings these days to suit your own tastes or that of your child. Why leave all the celebrations of Christmas to just one day when there are so many fun ways to play!


  1. For a minute then I was thinking I had seriously misjudged your children's ages :) What a cute idea ... I love that she would want a Christmas themed birthday party and even more so that you did it for her.

  2. What a truly wonderful birthday party theme. Imogen is clearly a visionary. There are some great ideas here for 'real Christmas' too. x

  3. What a great birthday party idea! I have a Dec 14 birthday to celebrate here (no party this year though). That is a great plan for the future - and just think how many Christmas-themed treat ideas are available online!

  4. That cake looks so yummy! You had some really wonderful food and I like how you presented them :)

    Christmas World


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