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I love writing about products - good ones, new ones, interesting ones. I also love writing about services and stuff to do.

My favourite things are those that my readers want to know about.

New stuff. Places to go. Good stuff to eat. Things to visit.

The things that will help parents and families enjoy their lives more, provide entertainment or make the daily grind less dull.

But... I am busy. Really busy. Busy going out with friends. Going to work, looking after my kids, planning holidays and birthday parties. I am even busy just thinking about meal planning, even though I don't really do it.

Therefore, I don't have time to check stats and I don't have time to worry about whether a post went viral (or not). So I don't. I don't have a media kit. I don't 'do' google analytics.

I do other stuff though. I really enjoy writing my blog now. And, I hang out on Instagram and facebook and twitter and I share my stuff, your stuff and other people's good stuff.

I have a high appreciation of a well put together press kit. I even write about how good your media kits can be sometimes.

Some weeks I get things sent to me and I LOVE every bit of them and then I write about your stuff...for FREE!

Other times, I get sent stuff and I think to myself...'who would want that..." and I don't write about it. I find a nice new home for it though and due to my anxiety rising when I see good things going to landfill, I make sure it goes to a decent home where it will be loved.

Sometimes you might be so keen for me to write about your product that you will suggest paying me for my time to review, photograph, write and share your news. I like this. It helps ensure I get to pay my bills and it ensures you can book a space in my blog schedule (really your schedule) that suits your campaign.

If you have read this far and you are still keen to chat about how we can work together, drop me an email at, crazy ideas are usually the best so send them through.


P.S. Many of my previous reviews are under the category Real Reviews.

P.P.S Please note I am located in Melbourne and I don't have a trust fund that allows me to fly to Brisbane to have morning tea with you. (Though I wish I did).

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