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I love writing about products - good ones, new ones, interesting ones. I also love writing about services and stuff to do.

My favourite things are those that my readers want to know about. Things that will help parents and families enjoy their lives more, provide entertainment or make the daily grind less dull.

I don't write about gambling and I think that the Aussie food suppliers are pretty amazing, so if you have not grown and made your food or drinks in Australia this is probably not the blog for you.

If you would like to discuss your product or service being promoted here, just send me an email to to discuss any ideas you have.

If you would simply like to advertise on my blog, you can.

Many of my previous reviews are under the category Real Reviews.

All items and promotions are supported via my facebook page, twitter account and instagram where you will find me under ClaireyHewitt.

Please note I am located in Melbourne.


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