My Blog, My Story

I am taking inspiration from the digital parents conference and writing to the heading, 'My Blog, My Story' to tell the story of this little blog.

I have worked in marketing for professional service organisations for years, financial and legal usually. When I left my job as a marketing manager at a national law firm to have my first baby (referred to as Popps in this blog) I found I still needed to do something with myself while she was asleep. I started a little thing called a blog and sent the URL to my friends and family. They read it and commented a little bit, it was only ever about the baby, which got boring for everyone pretty quickly and a few months afterwards I got bored with it, or the baby started to wake, a lot.

A year later I went back to work, it was horrible, all those years of thinking I worked for one of the ‘good’ employees was proven totally wrong. I resigned in tears one day when I just couldn’t cope with it anymore.

The day I resigned was filled with tears because;
- I was so stressed about resigning after trying to make it work
- at the time I truly felt that no one would ever employ me again. Ever.  I wanted a part time marketing role in a professional services organisation, to be paid somewhere near equivalent to what I used to get. I just didn’t think that would ever happen.

But it does. Not only did I get the job I got, after putting my name out and about I had a number of offers to choose from. I chose the one that felt the most family friendly, not the one offering the most money and I am really glad I did.

I stayed working for the Law Institute of Victoria, LIV, in a range of marketing projects with excellent colleagues and managers. Then I went off to have baby number two (Immy in this blog) and a year later returned to LIV in another part time marketing gig, again it was fabulous, but I was only working two days a week, and we all know that no matter how good the employer, if you are only there two days a week there is a limit to the number of projects you can be involved in.

Deep down I was thinking I was going to be left behind in the social media and marketing world. I worried that having children meant I would be left on the 'career' shelf. I knew I had no further capacity at work to do this but that I wanted to understand how it worked, what was happening and how companies were getting involved.

It was suggested that I just start doing this at home, teach myself, and get in now.

So I did, I started up a blog about a particular thing I was interested in at that time, but I am a restless sort, easily bored and a few months later and I wasn’t interested in that either. My friend suggested I try again with another blog. I did.

I started this one. I sent emails to my family and told them to start commenting so that I could see if it worked. I read the codes and html and set up the feedburner widget and actually put my own friends email addresses in for them to make sure it worked. (thanks, guys, you can unsubscribe at any time now).

I spent hours at night while the kids were asleep looking at all the things happening in blogs, around Australia and the world. I read all the articles and attended some seminars and conferences on blogging. I started commenting on blogs and writing content on my blog to test things out. I played with advertising, not because I wanted the $1.70 in revenue it created for me, but because I wanted to know exactly how it worked and what was involved. Then I removed it.

I spent hours playing with stumble upon to ensure I understood that too, and facebook pages and of course once I got onto twitter I am not sure if I have ever got off.  When I couldn’t find an Australian version of Wordless Wednesday to join, I started my own, learnt about linky’s and again once it got too big for me, and I had other things to learn, I asked Trish if she would like to host it, she did and it has continued to grow over there.

My blog very quietly started to grow. Drip by drip. People dropped in to say hello and then they actually came back. People read about my life as a Mum living in suburban Melbourne. I made friends with people and my blog grew a bit more. I told people I was a mummy blogger. That I blogged about spending time with my girls, things we did and made and how bad I was at domestic things. Many laughed at this hobby. Lots smirked. I kept going.

A year later and the LIV were looking for a Social Media Manager. They couldn’t find the exact person to meet their job specifications, but they wanted a full time person and I didn’t want a full time job so I didn’t apply. Months later and with still no perfect person for the job, we came to an arrangement and I became a Social Media Manager. Total joy.

A recruitment firm called me to see if I was interested in yet another part time job (believe me Mums, get your name out and there are jobs for you) I indicated that unless it included social media, I wasn’t interested as I was so happy were I was.

More weeks pass, the consultant rings me again, can she pass my details on to someone else looking for some social media advice?

Yes, she can. From there I ended up leaving the LIV and heading over to my current role as Social Media Manager of St Vincents Private Hospital, Maternity.  

And you know what, I would never ever have got the job if I was not, an out and proud Mummy Blogger.



  1. Clairey, this is a brilliant story, and one that really demonstrates just how relevant blogging and tweeting (etc) is. Fantastic that your blog and social media skills have taken you to your dream job! And fantastic that your workplaces have recognised this. Power to you!
    I love this page :) Best thing I've read all year :P

  2. I love this. And seeing I've been in the same role for five years, I might just be inspired by you to do something different. From home. Again.

    You're awesome! xx

  3. I love this story Claire, it is exactly what I needed to read. I have been thinking and worrying and lamenting and pursuing... and I needed to know it all pays off.

  4. I love reading your story! Thanks for sharing. Career is always something that has bothered me. I love being a mum, but I also wish that I was more sometimes. And thinking about the blogging side of things I have wondered if I should bother to continue. So reading others stories of how their blog came about is great!
    Chrissie xx

  5. I love your story Claire - it's such an inspiration and great message for blogging Mums!! xx

  6. sacrifice is bitter but the fruit is sweeter... great to know such story of a mum working hard for the family and kids...inspiring actually for a mother like me...

  7. Wow Claire - I am so inspired by your story, great work on what you are doing!

  8. Hi Claire,

    I love this! I'm feeling quite inspired by your story, actually. I have just been made redundant from my HR role at a big bank and I have 6 months while Indi is still quite small to make a go of this social media business to see if it's for me. I'm still learning about the media aspects of blogging (I've been blogging for over 10 years but never thought of the marketing potential of it!) Thanks for sharing your story, Claire. I'll definitely be back!

    PS. Sorry for the long paragraph.
    Kim x

  9. Claire,
    Greetings from Ireland. I am kind of in the situation you were in very early on in that story. And I am feeling like I need to learn more about social media and try to get myself more involved in that side of things. I'm feeling much more positive after reading your story!! Thank you.

  10. Claire - just read your story and had to comment. Amazing to think there are so many of us (Mums) out there that are so alike, that have similar career challenges and triumphs and that above all else, have a love of writing. My blog is only in its infancy from an audience point of view but I'm so enjoying the places it's taking me and the people I'm getting to know.
    Hope to stumble upon you in person soon!

  11. You are so inspiring.. I just found your blog and it is great to hear your story.. I hope that I can live by doing some blogging/writing, which I love.. :) But I have days where I am in doubt and think that I can't make a living out of it.. But this morning I was contacted about a job opportunity, which still gives me a lot of time to write on my website, so I feel lucky. Then I also saw this post and I have a lot of hope for the future:)As you say - get your name out and there are jobs for you:)

  12. Claire - Your story inspired me to start my blog and I just want to say thank you for sharing your experience


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